Friday, April 16, 2010

The Dream

I fell back to sleep in my clothes on my bed early this morning. I had a dream.

There were lots of people mingling outside of this old house. Suddenly, a black cat rushes out of the house. At first I don't make the connection. Then I scream, "Bling, he's gotten out."

At the same time, this nasty little girl is yelling at people and her parents won't control her. She picks up a hose and starts spraying everyone, me included. Others want her to go home. I do also but then I feel sorry for her and even though I know I have to catch Bling, because of the coyotes, I play around with her because I feel sorry for her.

Then I'm on the other side of the house, looking for Bling, and someone else is, too. She is near this line of arboretums and says, "Oh, what is this?" I am 20 feet away, but can see it is a coyote nosing around something. I yell at her, "Watch out, that's a coyote" and go charging down at it. It runs. I'm yelling my head off at the coyote. I tell the woman, "It's not the same coyote." I mean, not the same one I saw at the homeless camp. There, where he was nosing around, is Bling, hunkered down. I grab him and take him into the house and put him in the bathroom.

I say, to all the people in the house, "There are coyotes everywhere. Who has a gun? We have to protect the cats."

My brother pops up with a .22 rifle. We go outside.

He's already fired several shots into the air up the hill, towards the forest. We then saw a group of people, lots of them, headed into the woods, to some party up there, way way up the hill. I said, "Don't hit them."

The coyotes are howling now. I say, "They only do that when they've caught something." I am hoping it's a sheep rather than a cat.

We're in this trench, behind an earthen wall and can't really see up the hill very well. But we see sheep running down the hill towards a volvo parked crossways. My brother says "I saw something by the Volvo. I think it was a coyote." He's trying to angle around to see and to get a shot off. I had already seen what was next to the Volvo. I tell my brother, "Don't bother. It wasn't a coyote, it was a pug."

Yup, a pug by the Volvo. Then my dream ended although I did not wake up.

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