Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blingo Might have a Home

A Corvallis woman has contcted me, interested in adopting Bling. She sounds like a really good person and has three other fixed cats she has rescued over the years. She's coming tomorrow to meet him. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. We'll be rooting for Blingo! :) I finally got to see his video today because I went to Fred Meyer in Tillamook where they now have free wi-fi. He seems like a really sweet guy. :)

  2. He is just really sweet and causes no problems, no intermingling freely with my cats, stays away from the bullies and i have a couple of those. That woman is very nice and I sure hope she likes Blingo. I sent her a link to the video.

  3. Chriss, be careful. Supposed to be a big windstorm hitting the coast, but I guess you are used to that over there.

  4. It's always scary when they're this big. The one back in 07 almost killed me.

    And of course, it terrifies the cats.

    But we try to be as prepared as we can.