Thursday, April 01, 2010

Cat Fixing Stats for 2009

I didn't take in as many as the year before, when I took in close to one thousand, but then I dealt with lack of funding last year, as is happening this year. This year's numbers will be lower also due to the fact I currently do not have a local vet to take cats in to, for fixing.

I took in far fewer feral cats to be fixed last year and that's because I've run into far fewer feral cat colonies. Getting house cats fixed prevents feral colonies from ever starting. Usually, feral colonies ramp up the number of cats per situation while tame cat numbers represent a lot more travelling and work per cat. Usually there are two cats per situation in tame cat households on average, sometimes many more, but the lower numbers per situation on tame versus feral mean more work when the tame cat numbers are higher. The numbers represent a vast amount of time spent in phone calls, arranging pickups, etc, whereas with feral colonies, I might sit out in the dark a night or two to catch a couple dozen cats and transport them all in one or two trips.

The tame cat numbers represent a lot of travelling two and fro and my car shows it. I'm making an appointment to get the car checked out. My mechanic is in the process of moving his shop, so have to wait a bit on that. My brakes are vibrating, the transmission fluid needs changed, hoses checked, radiator flushed and I have a short in my driver's side electric window. When I start the car, the window opens! I have to go through almost ritualistic proceedings to get the window to go down or up, but only sometimes. My mechanic said it's because the control for the drivers side window is actually in the passenger side. I had wondered why lowering and raising the passenger side, will sometimes then allow me to raise or lower the driver's side window.

It's a pain in the butt if I have the window lowered and it won't close again, especially when it's freezing or raining out. Oh, for the old hand crank window. I know I also need new front struts but that is out of my league expensive. I used to change them myself, with a homemade spring compressor, but that was when I had ramps and a lot of daring do, with fixing my chronically breaking down cars myself. Had to, or would have no car to drive. I'd try anything, with almost no tools, and usually it came out sort of ok. I bet I could still do it.

Cat Fixing Numbers for 2009

Total number of cats taken in to be fixed: 651
Number of Males: 290 Number of Females: 361
Number of Feral cats: 190 Number of tame cats: 461
Numbers for 2009 by County:
Benton County: 70 cats
Clackamas County: 7 cats Coos County: 3 cats
Linn County: 505 cats Marion County: 66 Cats
Numbers for 2009 by City:
Albany: 332
Corvallis: 49
Crabtree: 2
Foster: 8
I5 Rest Area: 1
Jefferson: 56
Lacomb: 46
Lebanon: 83
Marian: 8
Monroe: 16
North Bend: 3
Philomath: 4
Rural Linn: 13
Rural Marian: 1
Scio: 4
Sweet Home: 1
Wilsonville: 7


  1. WOW! that doesn't even begin to reflect the amount of work & personal stress,time & care you devote to them. you are amazing!! i know i've said it before & i'll say it again. tims doing just great btw. ned loves him so much :) he needed a boy to pal around with.

  2. I'm glad Ned has a boy friend now in the otherwise house of girls. I'm so glad Tim got a home with you guys. That was such a wonderful experience, taking him down, too. The stewardess was so nice, switching me and Tim to first class and all. She was such a big cat lover. I never knew flying could be so pleasant. I'd heard all those stories about it, but it was fun and everyone was so nice. And the three hour vacation in HB----exquisite!

  3. :) i've never had a flight experience that good either...maybe i should take weezie with me from now on hahah.

    mi casa es su casa :)
    my house is your house
    i hope it works out with blingo