Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Cats Caught for Tomorrow's FCCO Clinic

These are the two cats fixed yesterday, both from Monroe, both females. The black tux was pregnant. I got ten or twelve cats fixed for this family last summer. These two were too small to be fixed then.

The Sprite Oldies are at it again, trapping for the two cats they know of there, left to catch. But, instead, they caught two others, another brown tabby, and the big white male, who now has taken up residence there, too. They're still after the other two, however.

I have five reservations at tomorrow's FCCO clinic. Am after also the two left at the Big Boys trailer park colony. One is the pregnant female and the other another brown tabby younger male.

And may try to catch an injured Albany male, fed by a couple who asked for help with seven kittens and two moms abandoned by neighbors last summer. They were all fixed through Poppa and many of them got homes. But now they have this injured new male arrival.

After the old coordinator resigned as organizer of Corvallis FCCO clinics, some young blood offered to take it over. They sound really organized and efficient and pleasant. Young blood, fresh ideas and new energy is always wonderful to welcome into organizations.

The two cats fixed yesterday in what may be my last contact with that clinic, due to the tongue lashing I got yesterday from one of the owners, over fees for processing checks and credit card payments, were two girls from Monroe. Last summer I got I think 12 cats fixed for a family there. I knew him because he works at Hull Oaks Mill where I trapped a lot of cats to be fixed and rehomed many. Two of the kittens then were too tiny to be fixed, but not now! So they were fixed yesterday and went home last night. Now all their cats are fixed. They're a really nice family, whom I like a lot.

Update: The trailer park woman caught another brown tabby tux, very wild, but not one of the two she wanted to catch. This will be male number ten caught at that location.

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