Friday, March 19, 2010

Ikea Bedframe Missing Much of its Hardware

The As Is Ikea bedframe I got, painted because it was an ugly yellow, is missing major and I mean major hardware components. I got it upright finally and attached the sides. Then went to install the hardware that holds the mattress only to find three major pieces were not in the bag of hardware for the bed.

I was told the frames were in the As Is department pnly because the line was discontinued, not because they were missing major components in the taped together boxes.

They had a display frame there, that did have the hardware pieces that hold up the mattress, then several boxed frames you could buy. I specifically asked why they were in the As Is department, if there was something wrong with them, and the clerk stated "no" that they were a discontinued item and that is why they were in the As Is department.

I have contacted Ikea on their customer service e-mail. No response all day. I did find their number and have called now five times. As soon as I hit the number on their automated customer service helpline that is to direct me to help with an item already purchased, I am disconnected.

So, I called the OR Department of Justice, who said they will take my complaint, as they have had other such complaints. I will also file a complaint with Portland's Better Business Bureau and will try to find one of those online complaint sites that sends your complaint directly to the head of the company.

I am terribly upset and disappointed. I have very little money and I saved for a bedframe. I hate companies that lie to a customer then do not stand up and take responsibility. It's wrong and there's no if ands or buts about it being wrong to rip people off.

I thought they had a good reputation but I never checked that out. I went there once with my older brother. I went up when I did, after taking cats to the Wilsonville clinic, to get that one bunk bed I had been saving for. They were supposed to have it there, according to their website, but they didn't. That's when I got the junker in the As Is. But I never thought I would get lied to, and that there would be missing hardware pieces in the prepackaged box. That I never expected. I paid cash, too, which sucks. I got scammed. Never feels good and I plan to share the pain with Ikea.

Online, on their site, I had a lengthy "conversation" with Ikea Anne, the robotic helper, there to answer your questions. I told her she was useless, in the end, because I wanted resolution on a faulty product I bought there, and she could not help. She said she was sorry and although she was an advanced computer program, she was not that advanced. I said I was sorry too, that she was far more friendly than the human Ikea employees who do not respond to my requests for help, via the online e-mail form, nor do they answer their customer service line. I suggested she ask for a raise, then leave the company. Poor computer generated Ikea Anne. And it's a sad day for the human race when computer generated people exhibit more humanity than real humans.



  1. This is so when I wish we were neighbors - my husband is so good at working around stuff like that - using odds and ends when the peices aren't there - we've had things like that happen from the "as is" section of ikea before. He did something similar on my daughter's day bed frame when we purchased it ten years ago at Value city for 99.99. All we've had to replace since was the mattress.
    Is it possible to go back to Ikea with your receipt and get the parts off the display frame? Eso=p since they aren't bothering to answer the phone, or disconecting you. If you go, tell them the Or. dept. of Justice sent you....along with the BBB.

  2. Ikea is two hours drive away!

  3. I'll just arrive with some tools and start dismantling the hardware from the display model, if still there, and take what the one I bought lacked! Haha. Probably would be arrested but might worth it. Am sick of getting ripped off.

  4. "This is so when I wish we were neighbors" Hummmm... You were thinking of moving, have you ever considered changing coasts?

    Take care,