Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pacific Power Wants to Up Rates 20%

Can you believe, in a recession, Pacific Power wants to stick it to customers by increasing rates by 20%? I can't. What, do they think the rest of us are made of money? You got to be kidding, Pacific Power. Included in their rate hike is an increase in their profit margin.

Wrong time, power people. This house is all electric. With natural gas prices going down, wish I was gas powered right now.

In the summer the bill runs about $85 but in the winter, the bill skyrockets to $145 or more. Their increase is massive and has massive effect on struggling people.

Get your heads out of the sand, Pacific Power. If you increase your rates, a lot of us out here in nowhereville will have to black you out and sit in the dark, cackling. Me be one.

Sure would love to get off the grid. They say in the article this will long term benefit customers. Hmmm, can't figure that one out. Very odd statement, I'd say. Denial. Pie in the sky statement. Benefit customers to increase rates by 20%. It will benefit somebody all right.

Have you ever heard of the straw that broke the camels back?

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