Thursday, March 04, 2010

Chemical Castrator Atrizine

More reports of atrizine, a pesticide widely used in the US, including heavily used on grass seed fields in the mid valley, castrating frogs and turning one in ten of male frogs exposed into females.

Sure, further studies are needed, to see if this drug, filtering into our drinking water, or in the dust in the air kicked up out of the fields during tilling or even field burning, can cause human reproductive health issues like reproductive tissue cancers. But maybe this chemical is the answer to world overpopulation if it decreases sperm count and feminizes men. Just kidding there.

I don't like atrizine. I've had endometriosis for years and dioxins and substances containing dioxins or pseudo estrogens are linked to endometriosis and no doubt other hormone related illnesses like breast cancer.


  1. I feel a bit like I've been stalking you today, so apologies for this off-topic comment.

    My two kittens, both girls, went in for their neuter and micro-chipping today, so rather than working I've been busying away on the internet reading about the procedure and kittens and what-not just to feel well informed, and came across your kitten videos on youtube, and then your blog here.

    I think what you're doing is frankly amazing. When I think about how poorly people treat animals, in general, and just thinking of how many homeless and uncared for cats there are in the world, it just makes me feel sick. Most people wouldn't even think of helping one animal, let alone the hundreds you're helping.

    I'm commenting on this post, just because I noticed how much you're spending. I didn't notice a way to help donate, but I would. I really do recommend starting a paypal account and popping it into your sidebar. I don't know how it works in the states (I'm in the UK), but could you register as a charity and get more help that way? I'm probably saying the obvious... I'm sure you've thought of all you can do already.

    But anyway - thank you for your hard work.

  2. Hi Phae, thank you for those kind words. I hope your kitties did well through surgery. E-mail me: You can also donate to the nonprofit who funds my spay neuter right on their website: THANK YOU!

  3. Yes - they've done well, although one has already removed her own stitches (grr).

    Thank you for the link and the slew of photos today.