Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Atrocities in the Name of Christianity

"The LRA is led by self-declared mystic and prophet Joseph Kony, who claims his insurgency -- which began in 1986 -- is aimed at replacing Uganda's government, led by President Yoweri Museveni, with a democracy based on the Bible's Ten Commandments."

The LRA in the Congo is a bloody awful cult of Bible weirdos. They are now attributed with massacring over 300 civilians including a 3 year old girl who was burned to death. Many others were tied up and hacked to death with machetes. Little kids were forced to form circles around children who disobeyed LRA rules and take turns beating them to death with clubs. LRA stands for The Lord's Resistance Army or some such drivel.


  1. Fear-based religion often has that effect, sadly.

    I bet this person is religious too:

    bridge wayne
    Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 9:56 AM
    To: Artist Chriss

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    ... A money scammer via Petfinder. I thought I'd mention it since you said you tracked down one of these people before. This sort of stuff really upsets me. :(

  2. Yeah, that's a pretty obvious one. Bet he wanted to pay with a cashiers check, only way over the $80, that you cash and send the rest to him. Arizona, yeah right. Astounding, really, that such a person would ever find anyone to fall for such scams. His use of words does indicate a foreigner. Maybe it is a Nigerian!

    I've gotten so many of those pet adoption scam e-mails. It's hard to tell online sometimes. But I also get kids or people e-mailing, that are not who they say they are, just messing with me. I play along sometimes, out of boredom, but am skeptical now of anyone who e-mails, whom I can't call or who does not have a website. I figure they're fakes until proven otherwise. But, I do play along sometimes, out of boredom I guess.