Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crossed Fingers

I have my fingers and toes crossed. The folks interested in Crusty are coming this afternoon. But, if he inflames the husbands allergies, it will be a no. I am washing everything in the house, cleaning, vacuuming. I don't want a flake of pet dander anywhere in the house when they come, to up Crusty's chances.

Yesterday, I finished up the dryer venting project. I had problems with the way the dryer had been vented and ended up removing all the long vent pipe because it was too long and crinkled material, so it had collected lint and nearly clogged. To run a dryer vent 8 feet it has to be smooth venting, I found out. So I replaced the old vent tube with a smooth one, rerouting it to exit closer, also. It was somewhat tough, because I lacked the proper tools.

It is now secured along the wall as is the water vent pipe from the furnace, which had been installed so water would have had to run uphill, which of course it won't. I'd had to cut parts out of it, and then reassemble the pipe at the proper slope then re-attach it to the wall. Now that's done, too.

I finally got some groceries. I love making leek potato soup in my crock pot. It is very very cheap to make and I love it. I add various spices, green onions if I have them, whatever I have, actually, and throw in some rice to thicken it. This last batch was drab brown. I didn't have any peppers or tomatos to add for color. I like colorful food. The week before last I had cooked a pot of black eyed peas, then used them for various concoctions all week long.

I ate the leek soup about four nights in a row, then used the rest as a dip for some chips I got at the Grocery Outlet when buying groceries. They were interesting chips, made with vegetables and low salt content. I don't like chips much because the high salt content burns my mouth and makes me feel sick. But the low or no sodium chips work just fine, or I make my own, out of tortillas. That way I don't have to add any salt.

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  1. I love those veggie chips!!! they are soooo flavourful and lightly salted. Perfect. I never ever add salt when cooking, either, because I read long ago that people are going to salt their food with the same amount of salt time and again no matter what you add or don't add when cooking, so if you don't add it when cooking, at least that minimizes the amount of sodium per meal, even if others add their own later to their individual portions.