Monday, March 22, 2010

Look at this, On MS, Possible Cure?

This possible MS cause involves the fact many MS patients seem to narrower, or more clogged or more branched out veins draining the brain. Click the post title to go to the story on a radical new causative theory and treatment for MS.

The new approach is to clean out those veins, stint them or angioplasty them open. However, this is experimental and no long term studies have been done.

My own theory has been close to this. My theory was that drainage from the brain of MS patients was slow or abnormal, but that this caused heat build up in the brain, since MS patients have to avoid heat, as it intenfies demylination and symptoms. I wondered if the skulls of MS patients might be thinner in spots, predisposing their brains to warm or if it was a blood issue causing warming in the brain which melted the fatty mylin nerve sheaths.

See blood flow helps cool the body. So my theory was based on that, that if heat causes MS patients greater symptoms and blood helps cool the body, then there must be something wrong with the blood flow in the brains of MS patients. Or, that their brains were being exposed to undue heat maybe because of thin spots in the skull, which also insulates the brain against heat.

Or, that their skulls are thicker than normal, trapping heat. You've heard the adage no doubt. Are you cold? Put on a hat.

I still think it might be caused more by brain overheating due to the drainage problems, rather than what the theory is in this treatment, that inadequate blood drainage due to faulty veins causes leakage of destructive cells into the brain and mylin sheaths.

Could it be that the cause of all the MS misery is mechanical? Some hotshot blood vessel specialist will get on this and invent something spectacular and life saving. I just know it.


  1. Ofcourse they will, Dr. Jody, and if you ever try to tell them you thought of anything associated with it they would laugh you off. ...If one is not a physician or in the health care/science field no one every gives credit if you come up with something that might make sense.

  2. I know! Sucks, does it not? I began an online campaign ten years ago to freeze tumors prior to operating or to just freeze them to death. Some places actually do that now. But do I get credit? Ha! No.

  3. Just kidding on the freezing tumors. Nobody does that, that I know of, except in experimental clinics. But I think it would be better than cutting into or around tumors, blind, and often releasing tumor cells into the blood stream. I mean you have to secure the permimeter first, to prevent escapees, before attacking! One way to do that! Freeze the area. In my opinion.

    Anyhow, I had a friend when I was living in the Corvallis projects, who got breast cancer, an agressive form. She refused radiation or chemo afterwards. She was just that way. She should have had a reoccurance. She had all the risk factors plus the aggressive cancer. Instead, she got a massive staff infection in the site of her masectomy. Even she said, "this will probably take care of it." The infection kicked her immune system into high gear and maybe because it was right where the cancer had been the body even associated it with cancer cells and kicked the hell out of them too.

  4. wow - so anyone who gets cancer - we just give them a massive staph infection in their surgery site and bam! we've cured cancer! Okay, I'm contacting the New England Journal of Medicine with this one! I am stealing the credit from you!

  5. Part of the problem, they believe, with cancer is that the body does not recognize it as disease and doesn't attack it, so they are now trying to create vaccines using a person's own cancer cells, to get the body to recognize the cancer as enemy and then get the immune system to go after it.