Monday, March 22, 2010

Basket Case

I am a basket case, worn out, from dealing with too many issues, then the all nighter. The Ikea bed frame issue has been huge. $99 down the drain. I don't have that kind of money to flush. Plus, I'm still without a bed frame. I am going to dismantle it.

I was going to try to rig it with a home made frame beneath it to hold up the mattress, but now I'm just going to dismantle it and use the pieces for cat runs or something.

It is flimsy and held together on the corners by three flimsy wood pegs, that insert halfway into each board, about a half inch, then one screw. The screw is screwed into one piece, but only about a half inch, then inserts into the other piece, at each corner post through a hole. You then insert a half moon piece of plastic over the screw body between the head and the edge of a hole and tighten the screw against the plastic. It's really crap and probably would not even hold together with a mattress.

It's hard to think about wasting that much money. It's hard to think I went up there to get it, all excited, thinking I was going to have something decent, and then this result. I just want to sob today.

I finally mustered my courage and called the vet clinic, to see what could be worked out over that phone call, and the woman making those claims about me affecting their business, when paying by check or credit card or when donations are called in.

The receptionist doesn't know much, she said, just does her job, but said she would have another person call. She did say if someone calls in a credit or debit card, the bank charages them more, if they have to punch in the numbers, something like $4 more, but she wasn't sure of the exact amount. These big banks just take and take and take.

In many ways, I wish we could all go to a cash only society. Screw those greedy big banks.

I watched a show on China and how those supposed sweat shops operated when US companies go overseas, are not so bad, really, given the much lower cost of living in China. Many workers have saved enough to buy their own houses, in a relatively short time. In that story, the Chinese scoffed at the idea of getting a loan to buy a house, saying that's not owning a house, it's renting it from a bank.

Houses cost far less there to buy, of course, and likely there are not all the government permits required, inspections, fees, insurance. Here, there is no way anyone could save up enough to buy a house outright anymore. But when you take out a loan to buy a house, you pay so much more on the interest.

Houses there are likely also much much smaller.

We here must depend on banks for everything. I wonder how we could ever get away from that. Insurance of all kinds also drives up costs severely.

I heard about all the hoopla with the health care bill passage. I don't know if the bill will work but some of the loud mouthed Republicans are terribly annoying. What in the world is wrong with spending money to help Americans and to reign in incredulous profiteering that goes on, not only with health care, but with war. The Republicans never lifted a finger in all the years they controlled the white house to do anything to help Americans afford health care. To hear them railing now, that the American people don't want this bill, makes me want to vomit all over all of them, like they give a shit about the American people.

And the yell about "baby killers", like they're not, starting and supporting useless expensive never ending wars, sending our young people off to war where not just babies are killed, but chaos and ruined lives are created for generations and where big private companies like Haliburton, now renamed, profiteer relentlessly and shamelessly. They only care about American fetuses, and only when in the womb. Get born and screw you. Or someone will, like the big banks, with government approval, winks and nods.

I want to vomit on these outrageous assholes. Vomit relentlessly.

I don't know if the health care bill will make things better or if we can afford it. We could if we just pulled out of Iraq right now and closed a whole lot of overseas military bases all over the world. Why in the world do we need those everywhere?

We need to take care of America and Americans for a change.

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