Friday, March 26, 2010

Goodbye Martha, Peter and James

Martha in the containment cage at her new home.
James in the cage at the new home.
Martha and Peter in the containment cage. They were used to this cage because it was in the spare bedroom with them for the time they spent there.

The three went to their barn home yesterday. I visited them today, and added James in with Martha and Peter.

Crusty saw another vet and I got a great quote on price. He will have surgery Tuesday. That is, if the Lincoln City couple don't adopt him on Sunday. They love him already. If they do adopt him, their vet will do the surgery. The catch? The hubby is allergic so will have to spend time alone with Crusty, to see if he provokes allergic response.

This is not as uncommon as you might think. Toby's sister spent twenty minutes out in a car parked in front of my place with the man of the house, also allergic, before she was declared fit for their home. He'd even brought a book to read, during the twenty minute trial time alone in the car.

Initially, they discussed also adopting Blingo, but I don't think they are now considering more than Crusty. We'll see how it goes. Cross your fingers Crusty doesn't start the man into sneezing fits. Maybe I'll vacuum him right before they arrive. Wipe him down. Bathe him. Super glue his fur. Something!

Blingo is a fat cushy doglike cat, who follows me around almost making me trip. He is excessively friendly and eager to please but slightly needy and unapologetic and egotistical about requiring his needs be met when he needs them met. Blingo is not your ordinary cat by any means and is meant to be adopted by a not so ordinary human.


  1. I'm glad these kitties have a safe place to go. Hey, now you have room for more! :)

    Oh, when I was commenting the other day about people who write weird emails from fake addresses just to upset me, I forgot to mention the Petfinder scams, too! All I ever seem to get from them is people who say they want to adopt but are really running some variation of a Nigerian money scam. It's sick. Obviously, they don't care what happens to the animals...or me. *sigh*

  2. I've had those scams off craisglist, on Nigerian pet adoption scam variations. I tracked the guy to a girl on the east coast however. The guy is in Indiana, said he'd have his "agent" come pick up the cat and he'd send me a cashiers check and I would send him back some or some such baloney. I can't post anything on craisglist without getting about two dozen freakish e-mails, scams of course. Most use aol e-mail addresses, I've noticed.

    There was a woman and I didn't know who she really was, who claimed to have donated, didn't, and I still wonder who she is and what her game play is about. Or, if it's a child. On the web, you just never know.