Thursday, March 25, 2010

Best Country for Women and Three Cats Fixed Today

Click post title to go to article about the best country to be a woman and treated as an equal. It's Sweden! The US comes in at 17th, just above Costa Rica.

When I read the article, Sweden does sound great for women. I know life has sometimes been hard on me as a woman. It began being born in a small town where getting a summer job was very tough for me, but not for my brothers. Consequently, they bought themselves cars and all sorts of things, and I couldn't buy myself anything. I worked for my father summers, sometimes 12 hours a day, starting at 13, but was paid nothing. He gave me a camera one summer, allegedly in payment for working all summer for him, while my brothers raked in the dough working at mills or construction. But after a camera class at school, my father took the camera back.

I never had a car in my teenage years because I could not afford one and eventually bought an old low power motorcycle to ride at college. This fate did not befall my brothers, who even had the money for project cars and sports cars. My older brother traveled over seas as a teen.

My father viewed women as made for men only. I suppose that had more to do with my problems as a girl child than anything else. But in that town at that time, decent pay summer jobs were defended as for men only, because men supported families, it was claimed, and women had babies. Most men I knew didn't use their money to support families, just bars. So I knew it was bunk then. Just a power thing.

The article is interesting to read!

I took in three cats to be fixed today, clear up to the Wilsonville clinic, since I've not gotten resolution yet at the local one, over the credit card, check thing. They were two males and a female, all tame and from the trailer park where Crusty comes from. The boys were a brown tabby and a black while the girl was a brown tabby/torbi sort. All were siblings and seven months of age and now fixed.

I also took two of the homeless camp cats over to the relocation cage. Bad bad timing with the weather turning so rotten. I took over Martha and Peter, but James went bananas in my bedroom, tore through my net, then jumped off a shelf at the door, hurling himself, after which he dropped to the floor like a ton of bricks. So, I didn't push it, and he can stay here another day, to calm down, then join his brother and Martha.

So they don't want more than three, due to the cost of food and the fact no one there has a real income. I can understand that and it made me not have to make any decision on Blingo, since if they will take only three, makes sense to keep the tame one here because he has more of a chance of finding that elusive home.


  1. Interesting article. I know I had it better than my sister. I got my first car at 14. She got her first car when she was in college.

  2. All my summer "jobs" were babysitting, babysitting, babysitting, babysitting....I could change diapers blindfolded by the time i was thirteen....