Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Four Females and One Male Fixed in a Long Day

I took in five cats to be fixed today. Four were from the new Corvallis colony and there may be as many as 16 more to catch and get fixed there. The fifth was the Ancient Momma from the Marilyn Street colony, fixed FINALLY!

Two cats peek at me from the new Corvallis colony.
Another cat eyes me from under a house at the new Corvallis colony.
A Snowshoe Siamese watches me suspiciously. This cat also needs fixed, at the Corvallis colony.
This tabby on white female, from the Corvallis colony, was fixed today.
This blue male, from the Corvallis colony, was the one they did not want eartipped. Actually they did not want any of them eartipped but I insisted, since so many look alike. This cat has a SEVERE URI and I ended up paying out of pocket for antibiotics for him. The vet said if the cat had been a female, they would not have fixed it. He's a nice cat and I hope they follow through with the antibiotics, especially since they cost me personally.
Gray tabby little female, fixed today from the Corvallis colony.
Blue female, fixed today from the Corvallis colony.
Ancient Momma, the calico who is almost ten, and has had constant litters. She was left behind still unfixed when her owner died.
This is one of the calico's latest litter. The old couple caught her last week and she was fixed, while in heat. She is showing off that brand new eartip!


  1. ancient momma will feel so good now. she's so pretty
    awesome job!!

  2. Thanks, HB. Yes, no more litters for that poor old gal. She's free!

  3. Amazing photos, as always. You have a real talent for still-life kitty photography.