Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Caught Three More at Seavy Repeat Colony

I caught three more of the four cats left needing caught, leaving only one left to catch. Also, they will be taking in the four homeless camp cats who have been in my bedroom forever. I will probably wait until the weekend, so I can rest up some, to relocate them. Update: make that all four of the ones left unfixed now caught!

I also got a call about Crusty. A Philomath woman may adopt him and have his eye surgery done. Yay! I hope neither of these fall through.

Toby is still in my bathroom, still not eating or drinking on his own, but letting me force feed him. He is peeing too much still and goes back in tomorrow. I don't know if he will survive or not, but I am going to try. I have not found anyone willing to take him on yet, but am still hoping. The vet says sometimes as they grow into adulthood, these cases resolve themselves, but I don't know, am just taking it day by day and hour by hour with him. I hold and cuddle him and he loves that. Just hoping he makes it, but I don't know about his long term prospects.

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