Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowbound Jeanne Photo Two

Jeanne is snowbound and very bored. Now she is demanding I send quarters, claiming she can't find quarters in the coin tight city due to the snow and the laundry is piled high. Likely story, Jeanne. What, you running a basement Texas Hold em tournament, while the snow keeps the police from busting your home casino there? Hahahahaha. We're on to you.

Jeanne says the city is dumping the piles of snow into Baltimore harbor, thereby raising sea levels. She has seen it with her own eyes. I'm not just making that up out of my head. I could be.

The quarter shortage in Baltimore is no lie, according to Snowbound Jeanne. I am thinking of exploiting this, selling quarters for $.27 each. Anybody want in on this? I'm not sure if there's a penny shortage. I should check on that before I head out with all my cans of quarters to sell. Because if there are no pennies, then I can't sell four quarters for a buck .08. I'll have to revise my plan. Four for a buck ten. Four for a a buck fifty. Four for two bucks. You know, I'm going with the latter. Why can't I exploit a quarter shortage. It'll be me and Jeanne raking it in this time. Bout time.

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