Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowbound Jeanne Photo Two

Jeanne is snowbound and very bored. Now she is demanding I send quarters, claiming she can't find quarters in the coin tight city due to the snow and the laundry is piled high. Likely story, Jeanne. What, you running a basement Texas Hold em tournament, while the snow keeps the police from busting your home casino there? Hahahahaha. We're on to you.

Jeanne says the city is dumping the piles of snow into Baltimore harbor, thereby raising sea levels. She has seen it with her own eyes. I'm not just making that up out of my head. I could be.

The quarter shortage in Baltimore is no lie, according to Snowbound Jeanne. I am thinking of exploiting this, selling quarters for $.27 each. Anybody want in on this? I'm not sure if there's a penny shortage. I should check on that before I head out with all my cans of quarters to sell. Because if there are no pennies, then I can't sell four quarters for a buck .08. I'll have to revise my plan. Four for a buck ten. Four for a a buck fifty. Four for two bucks. You know, I'm going with the latter. Why can't I exploit a quarter shortage. It'll be me and Jeanne raking it in this time. Bout time.


  1. FACT: Local laundry's change machine only gives 3 quarters for every dollar bill you put in. They're not cheating you, because it says that's what it does right on the machine.

    So you can use that as your guide for profit making.

  2. Now that is significant profit. I must top that.

  3. hey the laundromat down on Howard street (five long long long city blocks down from the end of the street where I live) gives four quarters for a buck in their change machine!
    Yes Jody, I am running a casino out of the basement in this building - God knows I might as well since they won't let me turn it into a cat shelter hahahah.....
    tell you what - for every dollar in quarters I'll send you nine dimes....

    I trudged through four feet of snow tonight to get to where Fatface eats. I didn't see him but luckily Brandon was shoveling snow out front there and said he's been keeping an eye out for him all day - they put some dry food in a bowl on the porch so i gave him the bag i had with the canned food - he'll leave out one can and give him the rest when he sees him. That was all I could do. There was wind and snow blowing everywhere and I'm not as young as I used to be....Brandon is half my age...

  4. Nine dimers for four quarters. I may be slow, but not that slow. Four blocks, eh? That had to be a workout. I am working on home made snow shoes for you. They are basically some of my old smelly tennies super glued to some stylish shapes cut out of storage bin lids. You can wax them and everything. I glued a bunch of cat hair from the cat tree to the bottom, for traction on the snow for you. It's not one directional hair strips, but, well, you get what you get. I'm including a bag of sand that you just throw out in handfuls ahead of you. Or you could dump it into a garden seed caster thing, one of those you turn a handle to spread seed supposedly evenly. Or fertilizer. I bet it would work good for spraying out sand to give you traction when you walk. Wear goggles so you don't get sand in your eyes. It might catch on.

    Or you could fill it with rock salt, to make the snow melt, but you have to wait quite a long time before each step. Go with the sand.

  5. we should market those snowshoes...okay how about 19 nickles for each four quarters? or twenty four pennies, ten nickles, and a shiney new dime?

    by the way, Brendon and Libby took Farface in last night and they are keeping him! Libby made some calls today and found a place that deals with rescued cats who will fix him and shots for ten bucks! they are going to keep him in after that....they said he looked so bad last he is looking much better- and best of all, he gets along with their dog. i will miss my little fatface but am glad he is safe now.

  6. OMG Jeanne, that is great about Fatface. How wonderful! Yay, out of the snow for the poor boy. Who will you feed now? I should send you Sam. You know you want him. Or Teddy, who would drive you nuts, he's so tame now and lapcatty.

  7. i'll take both..and might as well throw iin toby, too....i will continue my nightly walks and keep my eyes open for other abandoned/stray/ferals...good to know neighborhood folks here also feed the ferals, too - a few blocks away. and one guy on my street takes in stray s, too - he's got a brown and white teen whom he found as a kitten....and a little dog who was clearly abandoned. I plan on taking Brendon and Libby some of ginger's old toys for Fatface...I'm gonna miss that big loverboy!