Friday, February 26, 2010


I got a reprieve. I had resigned myself to taking the tabby tux male, caught by the Sprite Old couple, clear to Portland if I had to, to be fixed today. I didn't want him in a trap in my garage all weekend. I figured I could return the three males fixed yesterday from that street this morning and make sure the old couple understood this time I have no more appointments until next week.

But the amazing 86 year old man, had risen at 6:00 a.m. and reset the trap. He caught another orange male. These are unbelievable 86 year olds who would put most younger folks to shame. I have trouble getting 20 year olds off the couch to participate in getting their own cats fixed!

I returned the two males from the trailer park. The woman was just headed out to work, cup of coffee in hand, and looked tired. She said "Whose cats are those?" I thought she was joking since she herself had trapped the tabby and had him in her shed. Then I realized she was just as tired out as I am. I said "These are the two trapped two days ago here, remember? You kept the tabby in your shed overnight?" Then I said, "I have to return the white one. I have no place for him." I was referring to tabby on white male, neutered Tuesday, with the messed up eyes. I've had him in the spare bedroom with Bling and Martha, treating his eyes daily. He's tame and I wish I did have somewhere for him, but I don't.

She said "OK, return him." Then she was off. She commutes to work in Keizer and works very very long hours there. I have no cause to complain over my own exhaustion.

I then headed over to the Sprite Old couple colony, to release the three boys from there fixed yesterday, and pick up the latest male they caught, another big orange boy. I closed the trap and fed the cats still there, advising the couple that I had no more appointments until next week.

Then I headed off to Portland with the brown tabby tux male and the freshly caught orange male. I stopped at Ankeny Hill, pulled off and tried calling Countryside, just in case they could possibly work them in. They said "Bring them." I was so happy I wanted to hug them. I called the Portland clinic and told them I found a vet closer and they were happy for me.

After leaving the boys at the clinic, I went out to the seed warehouse, where Peter and James are in containment. I fed them and talked to them awhile. The seed farmer was there, said I could come anytime. He's a nice guy.

So I can kick back now, get ready to help KATA relocate their cats, pick up the boys later on when they are fixed, and I'm really looking forward to some sleep this weekend, humbled however, when I see so many people working such incredibly long hours just trying to survive, like the trailer park woman. I wish I could relocate more of those cats for her. Maybe after they are all fixed, I can find some more barn homes. Right now, getting them fixed is the most important thing.

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