Sunday, February 14, 2010

Exciting Olympics

I stayed up too late last night watching Olympic events. I like short track speed skating for its unpredictable free for all nature. Apollo Ohno won silver only because two of three Koreans out front at the end of the race, set to sweep, tripped each other. They both went down and slammed into the barrier so the two Americans got second and third.

You could see their faces in the slow mo replay of their fall as they realized the significance of what had just happened. But that's short track speed skating.

It is interesting to learn how many of the athletes have parents from two different countries. Like the young American woman who won gold in moguls. One of her parents is Canadian. And the Frenchman who just won an exciting Cross Country Combined event was born in Montana, with one parent American and one French. That was one of the most exciting finishes I have seen in a race. We are a small world afterall!

I like some events and don't others. I like the winter Olympic events more than the summer Olympic events.

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