Friday, January 08, 2010

Preggie in Hand

Here's a photo of the gray tux male kitten, Little Ben.
This is the mom cat with the gray tux kitten. She's tame. I messed up this photo trying to repair it on gimp, because I had a smudged lens when I took it.
This is the male, likely her brother, fixed Thursday, and I returned him this evening, rather than make him sit in a trap another day. He's pretty tame also. Too bad the feeder couldn't find the pair a home together. The adults that is.
And here is the female again.

Caught Miss Preggie tonight. Not sure she's pregnant actually. She looks just like the male fixed Thursday, which was yesterday, wasn't it?

Little Ben, the kitten, and mom will be fixed tomorrow and fostered by the mother of the feeder woman. Hopefully, homes can be found for Little Ben and his mom. As for Brother Ben, a.k.a. Big Ben, he's been in a trap too long and is going back tonight.

All done there, at Sam's former colony, for now at least. A brother, a sister, and one kitten.

It was the Recovery plus catnip that caught her. Get em high, is my motto. Get them all high. They won't notice they've been trapped. Or care. Why would they?

I keep wondering about the male and the female adults. I'm sure they're brother and sister. They're both tame. But they're both super fat, too fat to be getting food just from this woman feeding once a day, I think. So what's going on, I wonder. If they were from the trailer group, would they still be this tame a year later? Were they dumped by someone there, more recently? Or do they really belong to a neighbor and have duped the poor feeder into thinking they are strays? I don't know, but the male was pudgy and so is this female. Really pudgy. They're not fixed but they are portly, I'm telling you. Portly!

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