Friday, January 08, 2010


Elements beyond my control have interferred with catching the pregnant female. This morning, I drug my sorry body out of bed at 4:30 a.m. to go check the trap. Inside it, a very mild mannered HUGE raccoon. I pulled the trap out of the shed and let him loose. He ran like his life depended on it. I brought that trap home but I reset a clean trap.

Then I get a call this morning from the feeder woman. She was in tears. She had gone there this a.m., and the cat came out crying. She'd picked her up and carried her to her car where she had a carrier for her. But the minute she tried to get her into the carrier, things went haywire fast. The cat fought, scratched her arms, and vamoosed.

It's too bad too, because the cat had been right by the trap, and probably would have gone into it within half hour. Now, she's respooked.

At first I was frustrated with the woman for trying such a stunt, but I realized how many stunts I've pulled that have gone sour, when desperate to catch a cat. I realized she just wants to catch her badly, too. There's no villain out there, except that woman who abandoned them all in the first place.

So I told her "What will be, will be." And that' true. Not much you can do but hope for the best. I went and got three cans of "Recovery" at the vets'. Recovery is a canned food that is so smelly it attracts cats from miles, I swear. It's formulated to help sick cats who aren't eating, eat, and it works. I rebaited two traps with it, and now I'm going to bed.

That feeder woman is a really kind person. She was friends with the collector in the trailer, I think, sort of. She's got one of the dogs from there. She'd gotten a deputy, after the woman left for good, locking the dog inside the trailer, and they broke a window to get in. But the cats, nobody really cared that twenty cats got left behind.

I read in the paper about some big get together meeting called by the two counties on animal cruelty. I read how one man said that all these big wig animal people together there at the meeting was like an all star sports team, all the major league players there and I beg to differ, respectfully.

They don't know who the all stars are. Calling themselves all stars of animal cruelty action is a little overboard I think. Perhaps slightly arrogant. Am I bitter? Maybe. I know I am sleep deprived. That I know for sure. And I know usually it is not a good idea to make blog posts when I'm sleep deprived! On I go, yapping when I shouldn't......

They ought to quit talking, is my opinion, and hit the streets and actually enforce laws already on the books, which they don't do.

They ought sit out all night in a freezing car, while needing to pee, trying to prevent more unwanted kittens and suffering, by catching a pregnant cat.

They ought to work full time jobs then on their after hours, and usually with their own money, adopt out unwanted cats and kittens, transport cats to get fixed, and do clean up at a home converted into a shelter, because that's the scenario with KATA folks, and so many other small time nonheralded rescues and cat fixers, whom I now declare the real all stars. Hahahahaha.

Take that, you talking head paid all star heroes!

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