Friday, January 22, 2010

Humane Society of the United States Fleecing People, Getting Themselves Rich

Please click the post title to go to an article about HSUS and what they don't do. And how much they haul in from donations, and what that money isn't used for. They have 41 employees making over 100,000. $.26 of every donated dollar goes right back into making them more money. Of the millions upon millions they raked in last year, they made only 4 million in grants for animals and most of that was to fund a CA initiative on farm animals.

Reject HSUS. They do nothing locally to help animals. Want to help animals, then donate to Poppa Inc. by clicking here and that money will get used to fix Oregon animals, because nobody gets paid at Poppa Inc.

I think of myself and so many others out there struggling on zero budgets to save lives and then I think of the overpaid people at HSUS, recruiting money in emotional ads and letters that could be used to help animals at local levels and it is an abomination. Please write to them and tell them so.

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