Saturday, January 23, 2010

Five Kittens Fixed Today

Today, five kittens from Marion St. were fixed, two girls and three boys. KATA is going to take them in. The three adults from same house will be fixed Tuesday. Their orange cat is not the orange cat I got fixed from my yard. I thought it would be, since we live near one another, but it isn't.

There was a big long hair brown tabby male hit on Marion street a couple months back. I bet it was the one female kittens daddy. There has been a big tabby on white male roaming the area since I moved in. I was told he is fixed. Now, seeing these kittens, I'm not so sure.

This is one of two female kittens, fixed today.
Same female again.
And her male brother counterpart.
A gray tabby on white male kitten fixed today.
A brown tabby on white male kitten fixed today.
This is the other female kitten. She sure is cute. KATA thinks they already have a home interested in her.
The DMH brown tabby female kitten again.

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