Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Photos

Honey, from the homeless camp in front of tree.
This years' tree!

The top ornament didn't stay on top much this year. It was a constant cat target of interest. Tree Top Santa's usual location was somewhere on the floor.

I always wrap the stovepipe with red and green electrical tape and attach any Christmas cards I get.

Teddy from the homeless camp taken today, Christmas.
Starr, Teddy's sister, also from the Corvallis homeless camp.
Starr again.
Miss Daisy got into a funk this evening and went charging around the house.
Jade, from Millersburg, who had the kittens in the corner of a garage, and whose foot was broken at some point before she came here.
Shaulin, looking good and growing up.
Shaulin, from the Bengal breeder colony of 22 cats I took in to be fixed, along with Honey of the homeless camp, one of 35 I took in to be fixed from that camp.
Shaulin resting up on the couch before more play with Honey, her best friend.

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