Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Photos

Honey, from the homeless camp in front of tree.
This years' tree!

The top ornament didn't stay on top much this year. It was a constant cat target of interest. Tree Top Santa's usual location was somewhere on the floor.

I always wrap the stovepipe with red and green electrical tape and attach any Christmas cards I get.

Teddy from the homeless camp taken today, Christmas.
Starr, Teddy's sister, also from the Corvallis homeless camp.
Starr again.
Miss Daisy got into a funk this evening and went charging around the house.
Jade, from Millersburg, who had the kittens in the corner of a garage, and whose foot was broken at some point before she came here.
Shaulin, looking good and growing up.
Shaulin, from the Bengal breeder colony of 22 cats I took in to be fixed, along with Honey of the homeless camp, one of 35 I took in to be fixed from that camp.
Shaulin resting up on the couch before more play with Honey, her best friend.


  1. The tree is beautiful, the stove pipe card holder is a GREAT idea but I LOVE the furry ornaments the BEST!
    I still say you take terrific pictures. Starr's look on her face is priceless. You should do a funny cat picture book-I know my in-laws would buy it-for me. I got a "Cat letters to Santa" book this year. LOL

    Take care,

  2. Lovely tree, and darling cats. If you and your readers haven't seen this site, it is bound to make ya'll smile:


  3. Honey is getting big! She was soooo teeny skinny when I last saw her...and Starr and Teddy have filled out too! Must be that great fancy feast that arrives from Santa each month, hmmmmmm?

    Tree looks terrific, too. didn't see my card on the card thingy, tho?