Monday, November 16, 2009


I am worried about Honey. Yesterday, the student who adopted her e-mailed me that it wasn't working out and she would like to return her. She said she'd been trying, but Honey just hides. I should have known.

I e-mailed right back, asking when she would like to do that. But I haven't heard from her again.

I tried calling tonight because I was headed over to Corvallis, and thought I could just pick her up while over there. But the number I had down and called, was answered by someone who didn't know who I was talking about and it was a N. Portland business. I had showed her the number and asked if I had it down right as hers and she said it was.

I couldn't print out my usual adoption form, when she came for Honey, because my printer is broken once again.

I guess I wrote down one digit wrong at least of that phone number and she didn't see it either when I asked her if that was right. I am worried, nonetheless. Can't help myself. I think she has a good heart and probably is just busy. I'm sure I will hear from her soon. I remember how stressful and very busy student life is.

I should have known it wouldn't work. Poor little Honey needs her kitty friends. Well, probably tomorrow I'll be bringing her back here, and she can relax again, playing and sleeping with her friends.

I got an inquiry on Teddy today, from the Eugene area. Made me excited, but also nervous. They have another cat, indoor only, and are looking for a friend for the kitty. The problem is all the cats are so darn happy here and have so many friends it isn't pleasant on them to leave. Maybe I should make it a little more unpleasant on them here, so they're happier to get out and into a new home.

Well, tomorrow I'm supposed to be taking in five cats from one location and one from another. I'm trying to get in as many cats as I can these days due to Poppa's soon closure. I've been feeling stress from that.

I went over and weighed the kittens from the mom fixed last week. There were six of them, but they've already given away three. The kittens left are about two weeks away from being fixing weight.

Poor Jade is on everyone's shit list here for some reason. Mops goes at her, as does Buffy and even old Electra. Seems there's always one punching bag cat, and it varies week to week, on who is on the outs. For a long time, it was Tugs. Then it was Gretal. For awhile it was Electra. Now it's switched to poor Jade. She's used to finding refuge in the spare bedroom, where she and her kittens lived for some time, but now Black Pearl is using the spare bedroom, with Toby and Shimmer, who are a week away from fixing weight.

Mops is slightly psycho and always has been.

Boy is it ever windy here in Oregon tonight. Big storm moving through. The roof of the historic Seaside City Hall was blown off by a gust. I hope all the yard trees hold up ok tonight as the storm passes. The good thing could be this: I hope the high winds blow the mess left behind by the leaf cleanup away. I don't care where its blown to, but I'd like to wake up tomorrow morning to a clean street that I don't have to scrape of all that leaf sludge and sweep, to keep the neighbors happy. Let's hear it for high winds doing the leaf clean up.

My stomach is all tied up again. Makes me grumpy. I've started doing exercises at night inside here. I have to keep my feet on the floor when exercising inside, to avoid coming down on Miss Daisy, who is always right underfoot.

I'm taking the Jefferson female back in the morning. She seems over her URI and is weary of being in the rabbit hutch in the garage. I don't blame her.

I got my other cages back from the people who had trapped the five strays they fed before they moved and relocated four to a barn home of a friend. They're doing good, they said this morning, before they returned my relocation cages. They were happy with that outcome but are quite worn out from moving. Moving is hell. We all know that.

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