Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seven Cats Being Fixed Today.

Below are photos of six of the seven cats up being fixed today. The photos are of the six cats from the same Albany location.
This is a blue point male. I netted him in the garage this morning of the family who feeds him.
This is a beautiful orange tabby male, being fixed today.
This is a Siamese mix female, being fixed today.
The blue point male again.
This black kitty is a girl, being fixed today.
This is a long hair brown tabby boy, being fixed today.
And this gray female is also being fixed today. I didn't get a photo of the little black tux male with the hernia, also being fixed today.

Seven cats are up being fixed today. Six come from a woman who wrote a letter to the paper in response to another woman's letter. The first woman's letter talked about hating cats coming into her yard and how she didn't know how long she could keep her husband from hurting them.

The sad part of her letter is I think I know her. I helped a woman by the same name, when she lived in Brownsville with her kids on her parents property, get a ton of cats fixed. It would be such a shame if now she has turned into such a cat hater who seems to endorse cruelty to them.

The second letter writer admonished the first one for her words endorsing cruel acts and urged her instead to get involved in helping get the cats fixed in her neighborhood. She then revealed that she feeds the neighborhood abandoned cats and could sure use some help.

I e-mailed the DH and asked them to give her my contact info. I got a message left by the editor here, with her information. He had first asked her permission. She is a delightful and funny person and so is her daughter. Just talking to her made me laugh and laugh.

This morning I went over to get the first ones there, thinking they were tame and could be easily contained in carriers, but I ended up having to net them in her garage, which turned out to be fun thing too, because those people have the best attitude! They are a kick!

So six from there, three boys and three girls, are being fixed, and the seventh is a little male a couple rescued in Salem who had a concern to them, a big cyst in the middle of its belly. She had posted asking for help on craigslist. I had responded, plus she had gotten a bunch of e-mails telling her to call me. Some of the people who e-mailed her, she said, told her not to tell me who told her to call me. But, she said, she wasn't going to lie.

Anyhow, I immediately thought the cyst was going to be an umblical cord hernia, which it is. He's up being fixed today, a cute little bugger, really cute, and his hernia will be repaired.

The woman asked to ride up with me and I was happy for the company and the help unloading.

In sad adoption news, Honey is coming home tonight. She was too shy and scared. And, in a shocker, Shaulin's adoptors left a tearful message, that she was so scared it made them upset, so she is coming home in the morning. I'm really lousy at finding suitable homes. I think for the teen kittens, the new policy is they must go in bonded pairs. Otherwise, it doesn't work, even if they have other cats. They're too scared.

I have to repair a lot of things here at the house. I'm getting behind. The bathroom sink has leaked on and off since I moved in. We always thought it was a pipe connection leaking, when in reality, it's sludge buildup, in layers. I have the trap off but some of the pipe pieces have been glued. I haven't been able to find anything suitable to snake out the turns into the wall yet, so I haven't been able to use my bathroom sink for almost two weeks.

Then, someone tried to kick in a door while I was gone late into the night trapping a few days ago. I came home to find the doorknob half off but the door remained secure, due to security measures from the inside. Now I have to replace the doorknob too. I finally bought the new knob yesterday. And a motion light, that I have to wire in, when the weather improves slightly. I find out how to do these repairs online, read up on all the advice, the hints, then I try to do it, usually without the right tools, but I do my best. I'm always trying to fix something broken. I have to try to fix my printer today, too. I have a very long list of fixing projects right now and I need to get on them.

I understand why single people seem to die younger. It has nothing to do with being lonely. It has everything to do with exhaustion. You have to do everything, when you're single. In families, at least in theory, division of labor and people helping out. It's probably the only way people can survive these complicated days, is helping each other out and no one person having to do it all. Single moms really have their work cut out for them. I feel for single moms, humans and cats.


  1. don't give up on the aodption angle, Jody. Our cat, Rook, came to us at five months of age - born feral to a feral mom...and he had been living with his "rescuer" before we adopted him. she saved his life because he was a very sickly kitten. The first three days he hid, venturing out here and there to take a few nibbles of food, use litter box, then dart back under the buffet, bed, in the bed (thru a whole in the box springs can you believe it?)...and then, a few days later - magic - he started coming up to us for "loveys"....and stopped growling and hissing....unless of course a stranger came in. then he would growl and hiss at the stranger - sort of a combination dog/cat routine hahaha....he was protecting us! and now, its as if he's been with us forever. So not everyone is lying when they say they've had experience with ferals...you need to be kind and sensitive but also able to tough it out. Ultimately, kitty will turn to you for food, affection, play, etc. It just takes time and sometimes people get scared. I guess that's what happened with honey and shaulin's newbies. a shame.

  2. It's sad that they didn't give Honey or Shaulin much time to settle in, it makes me wonder what efforts to settle them in were made. So many people want a cat to be instantly theirs, just by fact of possession, they don't realise the effort and patience it takes. they don't understand that for a cat moving to a new home is a case of WTF? It's a fearful time, even for the most placid and relaxed ones.

    Everyone wants instant gratification these days and that goes for what they want from their pets too.

    It's sickening.