Monday, November 16, 2009


I gave up on the Lebanon people. I got referred to them, that they needed cats fixed, but the game playing has been too much for my nature. I don't go for that crap. I have a nickname for people who behave as they have: Vampires.

First they gave me the anti government bullshit, that if they got their cats fixed through me, it better not be government money used. Then they only wanted one cat fixed because they wanted to continue breeding the others and I bowed out.

Then I get a call asking if I was the person who gets cats fixed, and when I said "Yes, for now...they hung up immediately. It was the same people I'd talked to the week before. I called back, left a message, no answer. This is a game playing and manipulation.

Then they answer and tell me they'd like to get them fixed if its' completely free, and that was only because they had someone interested in adopting one of the cats, but wouldn't because it wasn't fixed. They had intended to just give that person my number and claim I had said I'd get it fixed for free. Hence, the immediate hang up call, to make certain they gave the adopter the right number.

So I finally schedule them, despite their difficult natures, because I'm thinking of their breeding cats.

But today, they decide they want only one fixed because they want to breed the other. I tell them straight up this doesn't fly with me. Then Miss Manipulator tells me it will be my fault when this one cat breeds too for promoting overpopulation by not paying for one of their cats to be fixed.

I told her "Nice try, lady. So you're telling me it's my fault now that you don't fix your cats?" She said, "Well, at least you'd be making a little progress if you paid to get this one fixed even though we're going to breed the rest."

I said "Actually, I'd like you to progress in your thinking."

Miss Manipulator hung up after one last stab. She said "Well, I guess I'll just enjoy all the kittens the cats will produce. I love kittens." I was about to say "Dead kittens aren't cute." But she'd hung up.

I'd explained how overpopulation works, how they may adopt out their kittens, but when they do, those kittens go on to breed and breed, generations upon generations of cats, unless the adopters are more responsible than they are, and when they adopt out kittens, all the kittens waiting for homes are less likely to get homes, or who are waiting to get into shelters and they are dumped and they die or suffer or turn feral.

In this world. behaviors are connected and causative of chain reactions. When one person allows their cats to have kittens it means other cats and kittens will suffer and die. In an overpopulated world, people who allow their cats to have kittens are self indulgent and selfish and they're cat killers. That's just the way it is.

But, people like I just talked to, are self-centered and do not see things as a whole, but rather they want to do what they want to do, regardless of larger consequences or costs such behavior places on society. This mentality is commonplace, especially within the ranks, I have witnessed, of the ultra right wing and upon some segments who work public safety net systems, refusing to understand the consequences of their behavior, say to the working family down the block.

The people I have dealt with over the last days, in this little tiny drama of the many cat overpopulation people problems I encounter, are practised in the arts of manipulation and game play. I don't want anything to do with them.

Vampires suck from others what they need to live without regard for that life. Their eyes are cold as stone and dead. There is no detectable bright shining soul behind them. I want to ask people like this "What ate your soul and why'd you let it eat your soul?"

On the other hand, to think of the various phone calls in this encounter and final outcome, makes me giggle uncontrollably. It was kind of fun, a poker game of sorts, with bluffs and bluff calling.

The only reason I'd called back after bailing out the first time, to offer again to help, probably my own weakness, which vampires can smell, was because I thought someone in their family had recently died horribly. Someone told me that.

Is it true? Probably not. But I'm a sucker for a sob story. I'm not a sucker for manipulation. I hate manipulation. They probably could have got me on a sob story, but not with manipulation. Isn't the whole thing funny?

Who won the poker game? Well, all I know is the cats didn't.

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