Monday, November 16, 2009

The cats fixed last Friday

This Jefferson tame brown tabby female, mother of the four female teens fixed on Wednesday, was fixed Friday.
This beat up brown tabby male, brother of the sick female, still in my garage recuperating from her cold, was fixed Friday. His sister is going home tomorrow.
The brown tabby male again.
This cat showed up there, at this Jefferson location, already sporting a right eartip. I believe he is from a group of cats I got fixed for another woman, last spring. Her mother left a message months later, saying her daughter had moved and left the cats behind. I didn't return the call. Her mother disliked cats. This is one of those cats.
Also fixed Friday was the Lebanon Family of Five, a very young white mom and her four kittens. Three of the kittens were boys, two whites and one black tux, while the fourth, the girl, was also white.
This is the very young mother, also spayed Friday.
The three boys.
One of the boys, fixed Friday.
And the female kitten, who looks just like mom.


  1. OMG-what a BEAUTIFUL mom, ah, should I say baby mom! So sad, thank goodness you have saved her!


    PS LOL veri word dumisis

  2. wow look at all that white! and one tux - imagine that - it is so unique the way kittens turn out colourwise depending on their parents...the one really neat thing about kittens being born is seeing their colouring...who looks like what parent? I guess they will go to a "white" neighborhood, heh? nothing racist there - just a joke.....all are totally adorable, as kittens always are..