Friday, November 20, 2009

Three Cats Fixed Today

I am in exhaustion. Took in three more cats today. One was a KATA referral out of Lebanon. A family was feeding a pregnant female and didn't want more unwanted "born to die" kittens. So she got fixed and is still here, actually, for the night, because I"m too tired to drive her back there.

The other two were two more kittens from the Albany Letter Writer colony. There is one kitten left to catch there, plus one big old male. The black kitten is a male while the muted torbi is of course a girl.

Muted torbi female kitten from Albany, fixed today.
Black male Albany kitten, fixed today.
Unwanted in Lebanon. This girl found herself abandoned, as so many do around here. A family feeds her, but will not let her inside. She was pregnant and had a BB lodged in her belly.

I'm so tired. I did way too much this week. Trapping way out in Foster all those cats when already exhausted did me in. I can't even think. I feel like used garbage tossed beside the can. I guess garbage is always used. I feel like very old roadkill. I think thats' a better description.

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