Monday, November 23, 2009

Accidentally Deleted a Post so Here's Another

I was going to edit my last post and boom it was gone. Oh well. I've done that twice in the last week. I'm not sure how, exactly. Not paying attention maybe. Anyhow, click post title to go to HB Livin's blog and see recent photos of Tiny Tim and even some short video clips.

I got a call from LBCC this a.m. My vet's mom works there, at one of her jobs anyhow. Campus security found a tame male on campus. The vets' mom has an obvious in and could say, "Even though you have no appointments today, take him up if you can."

I messed up there too. I forgot to take the security man's cell number. I get to the appointed place and can't call him to come out with the cat. I fiddle around, finally call the vet clinic, get the vets' mom's number, call that, but it doesn't work. I drive over and try to find a place to park and it's about 1/4 mile from the building where I think she works. I was there once before, a year ago at least, to pick up a cat found by campus security and trapped by them.

I park and leave a note on my car windshield. "Please don't ticket me. Picking up stray cat." Then a smiley face. I bet those notes don't work.

I jog the quarter mile to the building and I start thinking "Hmmmm, this is good for me and not so bad." The vet's mom is on the phone so a coworker calls security man who answers and says he'll be there. I go to the appointed place again and wait and wait, leaving numerous messages on that new phone number for him I've been given. No answer. No security guy. I go home. I find the original number and call him.

He goes "Well, we don't just sit in our offices. I think they think we do." I said "So you guys really are out there providing security. That is impressive. Good for you." (I feel it is always a good idea to be super nice, if you can, to anyone wearing a uniform anywhere. Can't hurt) This is a nice guy so it's easy to be nice to such a nice guy. He's taking the cat home with him after he's neutered. I leave again. This time, all goes as planned and I pick up the sweet kitty and take him to the clinic. Security man lives in Jefferson and is picking his new boy up this evening from the clinic.

So, after I do the drop off, I decide to swing by the Jefferson colony that still has a male or two unfixed. I spot one of them and set up my drop trap and catch big Hairy as I dub him. He's the brother of the short hair tabby girl, who spent several days here recuperating from a URI. She's doing great now. Both are strays now fed by this family. The clinic said they'd do him, too, so up I went with him.

Now I'm home. Yay. Two boys being fixed. And actually five being fixed today in Wilsonville. A small time no money rescuer took them in. I had previously arranged that.

They are a calico mom and two kittens, found by a wrecking yard in a wrecked car they went to tow, a long hair orange and white male teen who showed up starved in a trailer park there, and a thrown out young orange tabby girl teen some coucher at the trailer park picked up in Salem and tossed out in the trailer park. Lots of orange. Both of the calico's kittens are orange tabby tux girls.

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