Friday, November 13, 2009

Seven Cats Fixed Today. Shaulin Gets a Home.

I took seven cats in to be fixed today. Five came from Lebanon, a mom and her four kittens. The other two came from the Jefferson situation. The 8th cat, one of the strays a neighbor took in, did not arrive at the vet. Later I learned the woman could not find a carrier and rescheduled the spay for Monday. There are still two males to catch there, then that situation will be done with.

I have three cats still needing fixed at another Jefferson location and two more downtown Albany strays to catch. I need to try to catch the kittens remaining in the homeless camp but that is a two person endeavor and I am one person.

I have 22 kittens waiting to be fixed. Two of them are here, Shimmer and Toby, Black Pearls' kids. I won't be in the business much longer I guess so I will get all the cats on my list done, if I can, as quickly as possible.

Shaulin went to a Portland home today. She hit the jackpot of homes I think. The couple who took her are "cat whisperer" types and love abysinnians to boot. She's a lucky girl, although when I last saw her, she was a scared little girl.

Yes, I worry about Honey. That student seemed like a decent kind woman, but Honey is used to being around so many other cats. I hope she will be happy. The young woman is going to be very successful I think, in life, was just a feeling I got meeting her once. I hope Honey is getting love and attention, because if a cat can't get that from humans, then they need to get it from other cats. A single cat is a lonely cat, unless he or she gets what they need from their human, that is. I wouldn't worry so much about the Honey adoption if the woman had other cats, but she doesn't, so I am worried about it. I can't help it. They're lives you know, not plastic toys or inanimate objects. They are living breathing lives, with hopes and fears, wants and needs, and they are very family oriented. So I worry about Honey being alone, away from her friends and hope she is getting love and affection, play, warmth, from the young woman who wanted her.

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