Wednesday, November 04, 2009

14 Cats Fixed Today! Great Day for Mid Valley Cats.

One of three girl kittens, from Albany, rescued by a family, fixed today.
Another of the three girl kittens.
And the calico kitten of the three, rescued by an Albany family, but their landlord would only let them stay if all three were fixed.
One of three boys kittens, and one girl kitten, and their mom, taken in by a woman whose friend had to move, and was going to leave them behind.
There were two fuzzy gray males among these four kittens.
This is the mom of the four kittens, also fixed today.
Black tux female kitten, the only girl of the four.
Beside the two gray males, the black tux female, there was this guy, an all black male kitten.
One of two females fixed from near Three Lakes road. She has had way too many litters and is seriously run down, with a severe worm infestation, fleas and lice. I treated all these things and hope she'll have a better life now.
Another female from the same location as the run down older female. This one is young and has kittens, who look like they may have ringworm, living under the house. The kittens are close to 8 weeks old. Tomorrow I'll worm them also.
Sweet torti from the highway 20 location where I already caught ten outdoor ferals and took them in to be fixed. Just four more to go there, but they're small kittens, not growing well, need another month or more, before they can be fixed.

This is the torti fixed today, caught in Corvallis by someone who had not caught her for the FCCO clinic of Oct. 25. Nick, the coordinator, asked if she could be fixed using Poppa funds, so she was fixed today.
This is the last cat from the Ferry street group, fed by a couple who are moving. They found a barn to take the other four, but are going to keep this guy, whom they've fed since he was little.

Well, 14 cats were fixed today. 14! And I came down with a cold in the night. I've been sneezing and snuffling but the worst part is mouth open breathing due to congestion which inflames my facial nerves. Oh well.

In other news, an Iowa cat caught swine flu from its owners. Yesterday, the news was full of stories of ferrets catching swine flu when handled by their infected human owners.

I'm sure there will soon be reports of dogs catching swine flu too from close contact with sick humans. So be careful if you are sick with your pets, any species.

The 14 cats came from several situations. The seed warehouse caught the last cat needing fixed there. Number six, a female, and pregnant.

A woman in Corvallis who had not caught one cat she fed for the FCCO clinic, caught her yesterday so she too was fixed today.

The folks in town here, a very nice couple, who are moving and had fed five strays, finally caught that last one, whom they have loved very much, since he was born to the stray mom. They had found a barn home for the other four, after they caught them, and they were fixed. But this guy, neutered today, they're going to keep him.

It was good timing because they are moving in just a few days now.

Then, I got the young torti from over on highway 20 fixed. She's indoor. I had already trapped ten outside cats and gotten them fixed. They contacted Poppa after finding four kittens in their driveway. They decided to keep the kittens, too, if they can be fixed once big enough. So everybody there is now fixed, 11 so far, except those kittens. They need another month.

Then some folks contacted me about their friends who have outside cats who need fixed. I started with two only. Two females. One female is the mom of all, and is older and has had litter after litter after litter. Poor girl was pooping out worms, both types, before I even got her home. She is so run down from constant litters she also had lice. So, I took care of all those problems for her. She'll go home tomorrow. The other cat from there is a younger female. I also flea treated and wormed her.

Then, a woman off Knox Butte had a friend whose cat had kittens, then the friend was having to move and was going to leave them behind. So she took them in. Mom and all four kittens, three boys and a girl, were fixed today. They are beautiful kittens, especially the two blue boys! She is trying to find them homes. She's really nice.

Someone else who rescued three girl kittens wanted them to be fixed so her landlord would let her keep them. They were beautiful, too, of course. What kitten isn't? All three girls were fixed today also.

So it was a very very productive day, I'd say, for mid valley cats. Ten girls and four boys were fixed. But this cat trapper is worn out and snuffling and dripping from the nose and signing off for the night!

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  1. you need to use that pot thingy you showed me when i was there...sounds like you and the nose could use it! Governor Jody...

    I am so happy to hear of so many kittens and cats being adopted into homes.