Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Low Jury Award for the Homeless Man Shot by Wicked Gun Freak Frat Boy

Two years ago a homeless man, Dennis Sanderson, was in an alley behind a frat looking in a dumpster for cans. Inside, at least two frat boys were frantically rushing to get their guns, so they could shoot at him. Again. He'd been shot at before there, with BB guns. This time, the frat boys used a .22 and shot him in the groin. He still carries that bullet as the surgeon was unable to remove it.

Click post title to go to story about the jury award. It's another slap in the face to this man, and all those like him. It's an endorsement again of the crime.

What did frat boy get? Five months. That's it. Five fricking months for his campaign of terror against the homeless, from the safety of his gun loaded frat.

When I heard of his sentence I was furious, knowing what I had faced, when homeless and considered a societal worm, when in the mental health system. Injustice. Frequent abuse. It's unbelievable what people see as ok for those at the bottom of society, especially if they think they can get away with it. I drove over to Corvallis, after the light verdict, with makeshift signs and protested in front of the court house.

Two years later, the homeless man brought a civil suite against the criminatl frat boy and the frat itself, in part to help pay his medical expenses. The low jury award won't pay off anything, probably not even his attorney's fees.

A woman who spilled hot coffee from McDonalds on herself got millions. Dennis Sanderson was deliberately shot by a frat boy and gets 41k, most of it likely will go to his attorneys.

During the publicity surrounding the incident, church people came forward to defend the fricking shooter as a good church boy. What a circus of clowns dancing to defend a criminal, without apparent moral compasses to guide them.

Dennis Sanderson has a record. The frat boy felt so superior to him, because he had a home, was in college and had lots of guns he wanted to shoot at something he felt above, bigger than. Little penis syndrome is one good explanation.

However, shooting with intent to harm, as these men did, just because they have a home, and Sanderson didn't, says nothing about the comparitive states of darkness in their souls. Grimes soul harbored far more darkness than Sanderson's ever had. The evil of his soul was cloaked to this jury and to others by his circumstance. Grimes was nicely dressed, clean, was in college and had a home. These outward trappings fool so many! Pathetic.

Sanderson's no saint. But Grimes and his cohorts, who tried to hide the crime and those who stood up for him and defended his actions, well you people are a special breed of self righteous hoods.

The other ridiculous part of Grimes sentence was that he had to do community service at a homeless shelter. That is like decreeing that a child molestor do community service working at a school cafeteria. It's stupid.

Justice is supposed to be for all.

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