Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who's Going to LA? Tiny Tim Needs a Ride to His New Home?

Long time blog reader and cat lover, Kate, from Huntington Beach, would love to adopt Tiny Tim. And I would love him to be with her. I would know how well he would be cared for with Kate. And loved. I would never worry about him again.

But, she lives south of LA. How to get Tiny Tim, from Albany, OR, to Huntington Beach. I don't think my car would make it, without some breakdowns along the way. Their car won't make it up here either, similar issues.

So, what cat lover out there is headed south to the LA area, for whatever reason, in the near future? Anyone?


  1. how much would it cost to fly him there? I remember southwest airlines advertised as being "pet friendly"/....perhaps if no one is driving if enough folks contributed he could fly! imagine - our three legged cat flying....

  2. It's great to see you're having some luck adopting out kitties! I've been working with ferals over on the coast for some time and I've had less luck.

    I hope you can find a ride for your kitty soon! It's a bit far for me though I'm tempted because I always want to help kitties, but if I hear of anything I will let you know.

  3. This is very good news for Tiny Tim! Maybe KC on the CB could put out an announcement asking if anyone could help with transportation?

  4. I oc live on the east coast but have relatives in Wa state. One of them goes to Ca in the fall/winter (has a condo there) and loves cats. Do you want me to ask her? If someone could meet her in Olympia or nearby (and you know, one of these days I have to look up Corvallis and Albany on the Oregon map) I suppose I can get her itinery - she drives past LA from north east Wa but has to go through Ore.