Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tiny Tim

First it was Flat Tire, then Wheelie, but at the vets' suggestion, Tripod gray boy now has a sticking name: Tiny Tim.

Tiny Tim came home minus one leg. His knee was crushed. The cause, big dog attack.

He'll be on pain meds and antibiotics for a week. The Vet said likely he'd be up walking by tomorrow. He's still out of it under anesthesia and growling at me.

Black mom cat and her three kittens went to the fosterer, who came down, despite the storm raging, to get the three kittens, but ended up taking mom too. The kittens need her for a few more weeks. Then the family decided also to foster Happy, who darted around their feet, expertly batting a ping pong ball between his front paws, as he ran. The kitten has talent.

He is three oz short of neuter weight, but has gained six oz since he came here, which was just over a week ago. And he lives up to the name I gave him: Happy. He's just always Happy. The kids want to play with him. The kid who came down with his step mom is a self described geek and straight A student. I could tell.

So whether they will foster him for a week until he reaches neuter weight, have him neutered, then find him a home, or perhaps he will return here for adoption, once he's neutered, I don't know yet. But in the meantime, he will get a lot of new experiences, ---play with kids, other kittens and an old patient dog. This will only make him stronger and better. Kittens and young cats need to experience all sorts of things, in a safe manner, while young to become flexible self sufficient well rounded adult cats. Just like human kids.

I'm back to the usual number here, except for Tiny Tim, still lurching around overcoming anesthesia. I slept a record nine hours last night and that felt good. I will do more sleeping today and tonight. I am already looking forward to my bed. It looks so attractive and seems to have magnetic properties. It's pulling me to it and I can't resist!

I get so tired sometimes, I see objects differently. A table becomes something I could clear with a sweep of my arm, then fall asleep atop. A stack of dog food bags at a vet clinic is almost irresistible to me, when I'm exhausted, and waiting. I want to line them up and fall asleep atop them. The dry dog food contents would even out and conform to my body, I imagine, like a memory foam mattress would.

I can't resist a barn full of hay anymore. I don't want arrested for trespassing to commit sleep, but I do celebrate quietly if someone, with a barn stacked in hay bales, calls, needing cats trapped. I like to climb to near the top, nestle in among the bales and doze off. Grass seed bags stacked on pallets to the ceiling in warehouses make such wonderful comfy beds, I found too, that I lust after such a place to sleep right now, when I remember.

But a plain old mattress in a plain wood house right now is pulling me to it. That's just fine, too. Not as comfortable or romantic and lazy as hay bale beds on a warm afternoon, or grass seed bag beds, where a jiggle and a wiggle settles the seed like a glove around me to doze into a peaceful undisturbed lazy sleep. But with the cats piled around and on top of me, my mattress bed on the floor in the corner, comes real close.


  1. I'm feeling it too, Jody. Add in a couple kittens sleeping on your neck or climbing across you face.

    Sweet Dreams!

  2. Sweet dreams to you!

  3. That's wonderful that the family fostered the Mum as well as the kittens afterall and took Happy (be nice if Happy worked his magic and got himself a home there too)

    Very pleased that Tiny Tim has rid of that mashed up knee - hope his recovery is swift.

    Nine hours sleep? Excellent, nine hours more sleep? Even better - go get it Jody!