Monday, October 05, 2009

Ten Cats Trapped

Abbytabby, to be fixed tomorrow.
Two of the kittens I caught tonight who will be fixed tomorrow.
The two boys again.

Lynx Point Siamese, to be fixed tomorrow.
The little girl kitten, one of three caught tonight.
A fire torti, the last cat I caught there, filling every trap I had.
Black tux, to be fixed tomorrow also.
The Calico. They call her Spotty.
DLH black, unknown sex.
The long hair black again.
The brown tabby tux short hair, unknown sex.
The calico Spotty again.

Poppa Inc. had received a call for assistance from an Albany woman who claimed to have found four tiny kittens who had been dumped off. The number was forwarded to me. I called her up and talked to her at length about the kittens, whom she has now decided to keep. Turns out, she feeds strays, none of them fixed. I offered to get them fixed.

I have reservations tomorrow. I already had three Albany adults lined up. One of the adults has kittens who may be of weight grade to fix, too. I intended, if they are up to weight, to take them along. I still might, despite some rather increased numbers. This is because I trapped ten cats and kittens, in short order, under an hour, at the Four Dumped Kittens Colony.

I had intended to take a Lebanon male along, but now will hold off on him, as he can be contained at any time.

So, I trapped seven adults and three kittens out there. They are in my car, already wormed, and they are ready to go get fixed. They think I caught them all but since they feed in the morning, when they put food out tomorrow, they'll see if anybody shows up. If there are any other cats, I will trap them tomorrow night, before releasing these again, the next day.

I caught: one brown tabby tux; one abbytabby, one fire torbi, one calico, one long hair black, one long hair black tux and one Lilac Point Siamese, who sure doesn't seem to fit in with the rest, in coloration that is. I also caught the three kittens: two gray and whites and one orange tabby.

The four kittens she found look related to the rest, to me. They are two orange tabbies, an orange and white male, and a tabby on white female.

They said an orange tom roams through every now and then. He's not a regular, but if he roams through tomorrow and is caught for fixing they think the world would be a better place.

So that is ten cats right there, plus the three tame owned Albany cats, and maybe the one's kittens. My vet is going to kill me. But I bet they'll do them all after they kill me, because they're good and believe in what we are doing. And they like a challenge like me. Yay for that.


  1. i am curious on the lilac lynx that you caught. i see that it is a male, and i understand that its getting neutered or already has been. i would like to know when and where you found it and if it has extra toes on the front both paws would be white as well, but just on the toe part. i do have pics so if you would to compare. you can email me at

  2. I was wondering about the lilac lynx that you caught, my cat has been missing since june 2013 and can be anywhere. i would like more info please. does he have extra toes on his from feet and the tips white..also i would like to know when and where you found him. i also have pics if you would like to compare them, i would be more than happy to send them to you.

  3. Jessica, as you can see, the date of this post was October of 2009. That was four and a half years ago. I take only one photo when I trap and return cats, so that would be it. This was a feral colony, and I was asked to get them fixed, by the person who fed them, then they were returned to that same person.