Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Six Cats to be Fixed Tomorrow?

Guess I've rounded up six cats to take in tomorrow. An old woman I've trapped for before, years ago though, called the vet clinic, wanting help. Five more had showed up. I set traps then went back late and according to her, the three I caught are three of the five new arrivals she has been feeding. So that's good.

Two more boys from Albany are going in and a Corvallis female.

I've been distracted lately I guess, still in turmoil over the loss of that white female I thought went to such a good home. Not knowing what they did to her has me in tears sometimes still, and I wake in nightmares some nights. I hope that woman doesn't get more cats. I don't know what is going on with her but it scares me, in a way, to think of those cats at her mercy, and what happened to them, she won't say. And what if she is out getting more. I think about that, too.

Tiny Tim is doing just fine, on the plus side, and so is the mom, with her kittens, now in foster. There are those good things at least. I try to get my mind away from thinking about the white female. When I am tired, or alone too long, the despair over it bubbles through.

It's a complicated and dangerous world out there and I often do not understand it. I want to believe people and believe in people. Some people are masters in the art of manipulation, theiving, lying, and doing monstrous things with no remorse. I can't understand such minds.

The web has made life easier for cat rescues. But in some ways, the web has become a web of lies so deep how can a simple person be expected to untangle the truth? I don't know who I am talking to on the web these days. I don't know if someone is giving their real name, and I never trust a stranger contacting me anymore on the web that they are telling the truth. That's the way the world works now, unfortunately.

But it is especially common in the anonymous enabling freedom of the web. People unleash and their true nature can be seen. What are you like on the web? Do you hide in anonymous commenting and posts and fake name e-mails to vent your internal conflicts and wrath and self righteousness? Do you?

When you can do and say things where nobody will every know its' you, how do you behave? Because what you do and say when nobody knows defines clearly who you are.

So I guess it's six cats tomorrow, at least. I thought I'd have none.

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  1. I am equally leary but just as in life offline, there are ways of verifying people. do they have a ph number - ask them for it? Ask them for a reference? Check their IP - their ISP (there is something called Reverse lookup). Are they are on Facebook - many people on Facebook can be found on Google (most don't know this) - see who their friends are. Do they seem reliable? IF you are on Facebook, ask to be their friend and see what they write there - the same stuff, do they talk about their cats? Say the same things?

    I HAVE used an alias in a couple places if only because I am a rather public person and my bio is so available to people. And if I want to talk about my own health, I do not want people in politics who are on the other side knowing my weaknesses. (ie private health matters which is not public info.) Then again, I live in a small community even if it is a small city and am well known there so I suppose it does not matter that much. Still, I am feeling down, I hardly want my patients or political adversaries to know. But this is for sites that are for that and of late, I have so little time for that. Plus, I rarely whine or make snide remarks anyway and if I have something to say politically, I say it as me - I am not exactly shy, lol