Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Old Woman Colony Kitty: Not a Mom Cat

The last cat, supposedly, from the old woman's colony, allegedly the mom of the four kittens I already took in to be fixed, turned out to be a male. That unknown Siamese I photographed, that's going to be the mom of the kittens. I am working on ideas to catch her.

My knees are a wreck of bruises today, from being under the house. I have two very sore ribs, probably from when I came down on a pipe under there I hadn't seen. I'll heal, but boy am I worn out. I've been sick for about ten days, a cold first or the flu, I don't know. Then I've got irritible bowel and my stomach has been very painful of late.

I found someone willing to foster the two kittens from under that house. I am very happy about that. She'll take the third, too, if I catch it.

I've been doing exercises every night, to loosen up and to get in shape. Seems to be a slow process, but I think it's helping. Otherwise, cutting those tree branches, then pulling them through the overhead wire into the yard and some were very large, would have put me in more spinal cord and muscle pain. So I think the work outs are helping me.

I trashed my newest old tennis shoes under that house, so yesterday I washed them. In the meantime, since rain has hit, and some cold, I couldn't really wear my sandals while I wait for my shoes to dry.

I found an old pair of tennies in a corner of my closet. I can't remember what happened to them, but they're really hard, crusted hard you might say. I wore them yesterday and they didn't hurt my feet that badly. Today the other pair are dry now, so I can wear them.

I'm getting old. I've met a lot of people who retired younger than I am now. I think they're mainly state workers or military.

My front yard next year will be a garden, for food. I want to produce more of my own food. The front yard is the only place that gets sun. I figure squash are the most bang for buck, and beans. Squash grow very easily and you can dry the seeds which are high in protein, to eat all winter.

UPDATE: I just caught the last kitten over there and have the kittens and mom in my bathroom. The mom will be spayed and returned. I think I have someone who will take the three kittens. She is very nice and lives up north and loves cats.

I am trying very much to move on from the missing Clover Ridge kitty. It does no good to dwell on it much further. That is why I removed the post about the situation. It's just too painful for me to think about. In the process, at least I met a nice man in Salem, who has done a little bit of rescue, the one the woman claimed she took the female to, but in fact didn't. He seems like a very kind hearted person.

When I returned the male, who was supposed to be a female, to the Lebanon colony, the old woman confessed to confusion over which cat might have hung out with the kittens. The problem is that so many look alike and the clinic where she got some of them fixed, did not eartip the cats. So with so many who look so much alike, that can create confusion very easily. So, I will help her trap all the uneartipped adults and we will figure it out.


  1. Like a doc on the radio said, if you ever have the flu (the real flu, not all these things that everyone calls the flu), you'll remember it, and odd are that you'll even be able to pinpoint the hour when you came down with it because it will hit you so hard. I had the flu once, and boy do I ever remember!

    Sorry about all your under-house work there...

  2. I had the flu once, when in college. I have no idea how a flu virus is distinguished from the multitude of cold viruses, outside of symptoms, if no testing to identify the virus culprit by name is done. People's body's react differently. So whatever I've been sick with for two weeks, I don't know what virus by name it is. All I know is I have been sick, diarrhea, occasional vomiting, aches, pains, chills, and sometimes a fever. If you are saying it's not the flu, where did you get those psychic skills, because I would like to learn them.

  3. sounds like the same thing my kids have and i've been calling it the what the cdc says about flu symptoms on their website, jody.

  4. Jody,
    There was a very good show on Canadian TV last week,it's available on line if you go to GlobalTVBC..and type in ''Cat City"'s very informative,and all us cat ladies need to get the word out about this's only available for 24 more days for free..there are some sad moments,but none as much we face everyday trying to save cats.have a look and see if you can figure a way to post it on your site?