Monday, October 05, 2009

My Tracfone Family

I got my tracfone activated. Finally. It took me hours on the phone, in multiple calls over weeks, to get it straightened out. Then they sent a new SIM card and it worked, but I still couldn't get the minutes I'd bought added. More calls. Today, the final call, and I got free minutes added, for my trouble.

The customer service folks have been very nice and they know me I think when they answer. They've worked to solve the issue eagerly and been frustrated with me when it didn't work out. I like my tracfone customer service new family. I hope to send them Christmas cards. Maybe they'll come visit, too. I'd like that.


  1. I would call a franchise,like Jim's Mowing Service..I beleive you have the franchises in the states too...thye do more that cut you have a local paper??..see if there are any ads in that small community paper too...that guy who made you a proposition over the phone..needs to be avoided..something not right with him..
    Hope you can get the tree taken care of without too much trouble..

  2. Its known as trac fone empathy....they share your feelings with you, Jody...Just make sure you spell the name of their country correctly when sending the Christmas cards...ooops, make sure they celebrate
    Christmas, too.....otherwise, you could be in holy trouble...Now a visit, that would be good. You need some overseas houseguests. After all, you can show off the new bath mat....

  3. Oh gosh, forgot, they may not celebrate Christmas wherever most of them come from. Might even be considered a horrible insult to get a Christmas card. Might even trigger honor killings and man, that would be bad to have that end up happening to my new loving family, whom I love, cherish and want to please. I'm going to have research a really generic noncommittal internationally appropriate way to communicate with my new family. Boy, it's so complicated. Well, think I'll just dump them instead. I don't have the energy.

  4. how about the good old generic "Have a nice day" with smiley face card? Ooops., who knew - the smiley face means "I will tear your guts out if you touch my sister in law again" in Tansicrazia...

  5. I'm glad to hear that you're happy. Now that Peggy is on the road late at night, I'm thinking of getting her one.

  6. I'm sure if you send a holiday card it will be accepted in the positive spirit that you intended.

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves and anticipate the hate!