Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lots of Cats

Well I have quite a few situations I am working on right now. But mostly they are owned Albany cats I have on a list, or onesies in Lebanon, here and there. There is one female left to catch at the seed warehouse, but they are getting a trap to catch her. The Clover ridge folks are still trying to catch one cat in that colony. There will only be two cats left there, of the twenty abandoned by tenants who moved. The others have been placed by rescuers or rescuers, like an Albany woman who saved a mother and her seven newborn kittens, still are fostering them. Another woman in Jefferson trapped four cats there, and placed them. Another woman took in three kittens. lone cat left to catch there.

An old woman feeding strays still has two to catch.

An Albany resident called saying he has a cat he can't afford to get fixed and his neighbor has three.

A single mom feeding strays has not yet caught one stray and a teenager she feeds.

An Albany motel said there are a couple feral cats there who need fixed.

A landlord says their tenant moved out after living there forty years and left behind ten or twenty cats, most tame. She's very very nice and determined to find a way to place them all, after making sure they are all fixed. I told her to get the police the cite the former tenants for animal abandonment. It's a crime.

She says the neighbors of their property also do not fix their pets and allow the cats to breed then run all over the place and breed more.

There will be the four kittens, once big enough, plus another unfixed inside adult, who will need taken in from the highway 20 colony.

There's a sick MIllersburg cat who needs trapped. He was apparently abandoned also.

I'm just trying to remember all these cats so I don't forget.

Oh yes, an old woman in Jefferson wants more strays, that showed up, fixed. I"ve trapped there before, and so has a former Jefferson resident. Incredible old woman. I can't believe she's still alive. She was taking care of her husband, working still at a home business, upkeeping their property and dealing with of a bunch of young lazy loser relatives trying to leech off her, last I trapped out there. Man, she's like perpetual motion. She's got to be close to 90 by now.

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