Friday, October 09, 2009

Four Cats Fixed Yesterday

The following are photos of the three kittens fixed yesterday. Their owner will now try to find them homes. Are they not cute? The only girl is the mostly white one. She has one blue eye and one yellow eye.

Four more Albany cats were fixed yesterday. 17 Albany cats were fixed this week alone.

One of the four fixed yesterday was a black female abandoned by her owners, on Front street, when they moved. A neighbor agreed to take her in. I had taken in a lot of cats for that neighbor before, to be fixed, so she had my number and called me.

I picked up the four kittens to be fixed, too, from another Albany location. I got the kittens mom and the kitten's mom's brother fixed on Tuesday. Only three of the kittens made weight for fixing--two boys and girl. The fourth is still here with me, as he was way smaller than his siblings, and once weight grade for neuter, Happy will be fixed and up for adoption.

I call him Happy because the vet clinic told me the four cats would be done quickly and if I could, just to hang out up there. So I did, with Happy, who turned out to be, well, very very happy to be on a road trip and getting so much attention.

Happy had a great day yesterday. Happy was hand fed, cuddled, and even napped on top of me, while I dozed in my car at a local park. He woke me up finally playing with my nose! And, it was just in time to go pick up his siblings and the black cat from Front St.

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