Sunday, September 27, 2009

UpDate on Broken Toe

My broken toe has not quite healed and I realize, it might never bend again. It's still red and enlarged somewhat, but not nearly as painful anymore. But it no longer bends. Not much I can do about that at this point.

I burned a quarter size hole in my arm on my oven. That has healed nicely. It was cat related, the reason that happened in the first place. Distraction.

I injured my left knee intially when chasing down flying canopies at Pet Day. A sudden violent wind storm began tossing those canopies, intended to cover vendor booths from rain or sun, into the air and twisting the frames on the fly. Many of them were headed towards the road and likely could have injured people or their cars.

So Keni, Poppa's President and myself, there with the Poppa Inc. booth, and with our own canopy secured with cinder blocks as they all should have been, felt since no one else was taking action, we better. So we did. We chased them down and took the canopies off the frames, so the wind could no longer take them airborne, creating hazards.

But at the end of a long day, chasing those down, my muscles already tight and tired, I ripped something in one knee, a tendon thingy or ligament, something. It healed somewhat but never fully and still becomes painful with much use and sometimes I can't bend it without what I call fondly "screaming pain". It still wakes me, about an hour after I go to bed, too, with deep groaning horrible pain. Then I massage it for about twenty minutes and usually the pain eases.

As for my chronic stomach issues, right now, they're back in force and have been since during my house guest visit. I ate cheese. That's a no no for me and it messes me up. I need to learn!

My missing filling has been replaced! No issues there!

And the poison Oak I had off and on all summer, from too much total contact with the homeless camp---for the most part, gone!

I think I'm doing ok right now for a beat up old lady. Ok I'm middle aged. I don't even know how to describe my age. Not young anymore, that's for sure. If I were young, I probably wouldn't need seven hours or more of sleep after pulling these marathon trapathons, to get my good attitude back.

Yes, I do have a good attitude when not in serious pain and when well slept.

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