Sunday, September 27, 2009

UpDate on Broken Toe

My broken toe has not quite healed and I realize, it might never bend again. It's still red and enlarged somewhat, but not nearly as painful anymore. But it no longer bends. Not much I can do about that at this point.

I burned a quarter size hole in my arm on my oven. That has healed nicely. It was cat related, the reason that happened in the first place. Distraction.

I injured my left knee intially when chasing down flying canopies at Pet Day. A sudden violent wind storm began tossing those canopies, intended to cover vendor booths from rain or sun, into the air and twisting the frames on the fly. Many of them were headed towards the road and likely could have injured people or their cars.

So Keni, Poppa's President and myself, there with the Poppa Inc. booth, and with our own canopy secured with cinder blocks as they all should have been, felt since no one else was taking action, we better. So we did. We chased them down and took the canopies off the frames, so the wind could no longer take them airborne, creating hazards.

But at the end of a long day, chasing those down, my muscles already tight and tired, I ripped something in one knee, a tendon thingy or ligament, something. It healed somewhat but never fully and still becomes painful with much use and sometimes I can't bend it without what I call fondly "screaming pain". It still wakes me, about an hour after I go to bed, too, with deep groaning horrible pain. Then I massage it for about twenty minutes and usually the pain eases.

As for my chronic stomach issues, right now, they're back in force and have been since during my house guest visit. I ate cheese. That's a no no for me and it messes me up. I need to learn!

My missing filling has been replaced! No issues there!

And the poison Oak I had off and on all summer, from too much total contact with the homeless camp---for the most part, gone!

I think I'm doing ok right now for a beat up old lady. Ok I'm middle aged. I don't even know how to describe my age. Not young anymore, that's for sure. If I were young, I probably wouldn't need seven hours or more of sleep after pulling these marathon trapathons, to get my good attitude back.

Yes, I do have a good attitude when not in serious pain and when well slept.


  1. Have you seen a doctor? Did you wrap it? Did you feel it? And I would not give up on it yet!! What about physiotherapy? There are some you can do yourself sans a physiotherapist.

    Sorry for my occupational hazard but check your toe for me, pls!!!! (as one friend to another - Carefully so it does not hurt TO much, feel your toe up and dn with your fingers. (I know, duh what else, lol) If it feels crooked or lumpy, it's is probably broken. If not, it may be sprained. Both hurt equally, depending on what happened and people. We all experience pain uniquely!

    Did you hear a popping sound? hat can be bone and if bone is rubbing another piece of bone, that is NOT good and very painful.If you can't stand on it, it is definitely broken tho a sprained ankle sometimes will also do that. I have to admit I once broke my foot in 3 places at the hospital (!!!) and walked for 3 hrs before deciding I might have hurt it. (I was just too busy and sick kids needed me more than my foot. Alas, for my silliness tho, I ended up
    in a cast for the summer!)

    Is your toe swollen or bigger than its mate on the oth foot?

    The only way to know for sure is an exray. And if you do not want to go there, pls consider that it shd go back into its right place if you have broken a key bone and toes have all kinds of tiny important bones! Gawd, I wish I lived closer! Maybe I can send some medical supplies! Do you have ibuprofen? If you are not allergic, that or ASA or anything that is an NSAID is best for that kind of injury. Acetaminophen is useless for this! Unless it is really really painful. Also, ice or a bag of frozen peas on it. Use cold as opposed to hot. Heat will allow bacteria to grow. Ice does not. (in the event there is an opening) Keep the toe immobilized with surgical tape if you have any or I doo not kow if you get the red Green show but he uses duct tape for EVERYTHING and it will work just as well as the expensive stuff we use at the hospital. You can even get it in colours, lol

    REST it as much as you can and also wear open toed shoes if you have any? What size do you take? (I have freakin tiny feet but it seems to me yours are bigger. If they are small, 6,5 or smaller, let me know and I can send you some.) Try to keep it elevated! (above your heart) Pet some cats to take your mind off the pain! (g)

    If you can see a doc, pls do - it will take about 5-10 wks for it to completely heal if you follow all these guidelines! Be good to yourself J!! Take care and hugs!

  2. Hey Jody - we didn't do too badly for two not quite young any more ladies - even if it took three days for every one day out to recuperate hahaha.....remember the song "The Boxer" by simon and garfunkle? They added an extra verse to the song years after it was originally sung and recorded:

    When Paul and Art sang The Boxer in Central Park, Paul Added a whole verse to the song.

    Now the Years are Rolling by me
    They are Rocking evenly
    And, I'm older than I once was
    And younger than I'll be
    That's not unusual
    Nor is it strange
    After changes after changes
    We are more or less the same
    After changes, we are more or less the same

    something to think about, huh?anyway, I noticed you were always in your best right after getting up each morning. sleep is such a healer. as for your toe - told ya so - you can see someone about it - the toe could be rebroken and set correctly. Otherwise, you'll get what i have and that is a permanently swollen toe that just gets worse and worse. Cheese - that'll do it if you have stomach issues...any dairy stuff will. \as for your knee - can you take cortisone injections? if so, they can help big time. But - big butts here - you need to see a doctor. Tell you what - i'll make a deal - you go see one, and i'll for sure get my moles biopsied. I'll send photos for proof hahaha...i am serious.

  3. Hey Siobhan,

    It's been I think about five weeks almost now, since I broke it. I think it's broken because it's still lumpy and bigger than it's cohort on the other foot, still slightly red, but not the rainbow colors it went through in the two weeks after I hurt it. It no longer bends.