Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Three More at the Homeless Camp

Nine week old male tabby kitten.
Big bad fighting orange roam in tom.
Four week old female kitten.

I trapped two more kittens, plus the big bad adult orange male this morning. Cats number 29, 30 and 31 caught there this time around. The sad thing is, the homeless told me they are now seeing seven or eight more kittens, and I caught only two of them. I saw two others that I didn't catch. I keep thinking I'm done, then I'm not done.

The little black female kitten I caught is about four weeks if that. No earmites, which is rather startling. Makes me think they were dumped. The other one is a nine week old brown tabby male, and likely the brother of the female brown tabby I caught last time in. Her name is now Maggie and she lives in Wilsonville.

Buddha, from the camps, and India, from the Bengal man, are supposed to be leaving in about an hour, going to their new home. Didn't gain much, with two more kittens here and so many more to catch over there. I am determined this time to get them all. I may have caught all the adults now, not sure, there might be one more all black.

The homeless were very happy I caught the big orange roam in tom. He comes in to fight and look for in heat females but he's not from the camps. He'll go home neutered, Mr. Bad Boy!

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