Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Goodbye Buddha. Goodbye India.

Buddha and India left for their home just a few minutes ago. That leaves me with one of the Bengal man kittens, the shy Shaulin, and, until this morning, I would have had only one more of the homeless camp kittens here to find a home for, the shy Honey. But now I have two more homeless camp kittens, a four week old female and the brown tabby older male. Find two homes. Trap two more.

I will miss the laid back purr happy Buddha very much. I will miss the very funny India also. Now to work on his shy sister Shaulin and on Honey, get them more comfortable with people and find them homes.


  1. oh can i please name one....when i get there? that would be a fun thing to do - i usually like to look at a cat before coming up with a name....pleeeeeeeeeeeze?

  2. I just wanted to say... as a life long cat lover - Thank you for your dedication and devotion to these feline refugees. Your hard work and compassion makes the world a better place. :)