Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stray Female was Indeed Mother of the Four Kittens

This is the mom of the four kittens SafeHaven took in, at least I hope it is.
She's not much more than a teen herself.
Two of the three Lebanon teens fixed today.

The third Lebanon teen fixed today.
This is Dirt Eater, the starving girl who showed up in Lebanon, so hungry she was gulping dirt frantically.

The stray female from the complex was the mother of the four kittens. She was both lactating and in heat and had polycystic ovaries.

Of the other four fixed today, including Dirt Eater, the starving young female, from Lebanon, two were girls and two were boys.

The old woman was successful trapping the last kitten, but not the mom yet.

The seed warehouse is still trying to trap the mom of the four kittens the seedman and his wife are now fostering.

The Clover Ridge folks are still trying to trap the last cat out there not fixed yet.

Other than that, everything's normal in cat land. Stressful to be sure. Have gotten a zillion calls lately.

The latest was about an injured down town Albany little male. His rescuer, keeping him in her car for now, since she can't have him in her place, bless her soul, says she thinks he was attacked by a big male, but she's not sure. She said his ear is torn up and his face swollen.

I couldn't do much but offer to get him neutered. Her sister might take him, if he can be seen somehow by a vet. Nobody seems to have any money these days. So I authorized the last of my gift card money at the vet clinic if she wants to take him in to be seen, and neutered. The vet clinic called back to say that would not be nearly enough, if he has an absess that needs surgical treatment. I said "do what you can for that amount left" if she wants to bring him in and the vet clinic lady said that was just fine.

I guess many of the cats there at that location who are not fixed are actually owned, but she is going to try to go door to door and convince people to let them be fixed.

It's so sad, all over the place, so sad.

Oh, and Topaz, whomever you are, who sends negative comments, which I reject, if you are so darn bored, reading my blog, why are you reading it? That's pathetic. I will suggest you do a search on your favorite subjects and likely you will find a million blogs about that subject. GO READ THEM!

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