Saturday, September 26, 2009

Starr, Teddy and Honey

Teddy with Honey. Both are kittens from the Corvallis homeless camp. Teddy is extremely social, while Honey isn't as social and neither is Teddy's sister, Starr.
Starr again.

Summer and Tara, homeless camp girls, went to a home yesterday. They were the social girls. Teddy, too, a boy tabby kitten, from the camps, is social. Honey and Starr, two other girls from the camp, are not as social. I don't want these kittens to slip through the cracks and end up as semi ferals here permanently.

Likewise with the two other kittens still here: Shaulin, from the Bengal group, and Calamity, abandoned on Lyons street in Albany.

I am still sick today, despite sleeping almost 12 hours last night. I got up, thinking I was fine, did a few things, then had to lay down again. I need to take it easy a couple days. I am suffering from exhaustion. However, I need to get to the store today, to get cat food and food for me and I will have to do that, after another nap. I get both at Winco, which means a drive to south Salem. Not looking forward to that.

Someone told me the rates I pay for a year's liability insurance on my car are not good. So I have been calling around for quotes. Turns out, my rate is the best out there among companies I've called so far, and they're the ones you hear are more affordable. Not! Cool.

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