Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Cats

I took this of Miss Daisy the night she had her sore leg incident. I laid her on the floor, at first, on my shirt. Her sore leg is on ice.
Shaulin, in foreground, Brambles, from HTN colony, then Dex in the back.
Calamity. I woke her up.
Panda, from Lebanon.
Dex, one of the four cats here I call my own. She's gone through too much in her life to consider putting her through more. And she's an older cat, too.


  1. Those are some CONTENTED cats!

  2. yes they are...i think Jody got them during one of their many many many nap times lol...

  3. I know Dex, Daisy and Vision are yours..who is the other one? I thought Buffy was going to be a keeper, too, unless she is one of the other four...

  4. The fourth is Electra! She's elderly too. My elderly cats are: Dex, Vision and Electra. Miss Daisy is middle aged. She's six now. I can hardly believe she's that old already.

    Electra is 12. Vision is, well, get this, 15, at least. I've known Vision since '95 and she was an adult cat then. Dex is ten, at least.

    I keep thinking Vision will kind of wind down in her old age, but she still plays like a kitten. OUtside of having to have a few teeth pulled, she's had no health issues. It's tough river cat living, gave her her start.

  5. Panda and her brother Solomon, were both born in fall 2006. They are approaching three years of age. Shady is a year old now and a month or two. Feather was two months when I trapped her, last Christmas! That makes her birthday around October 25, when she will be one year old.

  6. Panda is adorable - looking, of course, just like a panda! I love the way she sniffs fingers. so unique...and Feather - I can't believe my baby will be a year soon! She was just a little bitty feather when i first saw her she's a teen - and beautiful..they all are. Miss Daisy, of course, takes the cake. She was my "welcome to my home" cat while I was there. So friendly, so loving - she really helped me when i started missing my cat.