Monday, September 21, 2009

Six Cats In Hand for Tomorrow

Clover Ridge orange male.
Seed warehouse adult DLH black and white.

Seed warehouse kitten.

I have two caught on Clover Ridge, from a group abandoned by a tenant when they moved out. One is an orange male and the other an orange and white teen.

I have three so far from a seed warehouse, two kittens and an adult, probably their mom. I have a kitten trapped in SE Albany. And I have Honey, who has a slight cold, so I may not take her. If I do, that will be seven. I registered for five.

I find out I have a dental appointment tomorrow also, a check up. Well, get some cats done and my teeth checked in the same day. And it's all in Corvallis. Synchronicity.

All the cats I have to take in are ferals and all but two are kittens. I don't think many cats are registered for tomorrow's clinic. Probably will be very short, but I don't really know.

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